What Is the Difference Between a Balcony and a Veranda on a Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

A cruise ship is a great way to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer. But when planning a cruise, one question many travelers have is: What is the difference between a balcony and a veranda on a cruise ship?

Balance: A balcony on a cruise ship is an outdoor space with a railing or wall and typically has furniture such as chairs and tables. Balconies are typically located on upper decks of the ship and provide passengers with an unobstructed view of the ocean. Balconies are usually shared between adjoining cabins, so passengers may need to be considerate of their neighbor’s privacy if they share the same balcony.

Veranda: A veranda, also known as an aft balcony, is similar to a balcony but located at the rear of the cruise ship. Verandas offer more privacy than balconies as they are usually enclosed by walls or dividers, making them ideal for private conversations or romantic dinners for two. Verandas tend to be larger than balconies and offer more room for lounging and relaxation.

Amenities: Both balconies and verandas come with amenities such as tables, chairs, and cushions for relaxing in comfort while you take in the views of the sea. Some ships also feature hot tubs on their verandas, while others may offer private bars or even private cabanas that can be rented out for added luxury.

Costs: The cost of renting either type of accommodation depends greatly on factors such as the location of your cabin and deck level, as well as what amenities are included in your package. Generally speaking, verandas tend to cost more than balconies due to their increased size and additional features such as hot tubs or private bars.

Overall, both balconies and verandas offer stunning sea views from your own private outdoor space while sailing across open waters. Whether you choose a traditional balcony or want to splurge on a luxurious veranda will ultimately depend on your budget and preferences when it comes to amenities.

Conclusion:In conclusion, there are several differences between balconies and verandas on cruise ships. Balconies provide an unobstructed view of the sea but may be shared with adjacent cabins; whereas verandas provide more privacy due to their enclosed walls or dividers plus additional features such as hot tubs or bars. Renting either type will depend largely upon budget and desired amenities; however both provide stunning views from your own private outdoor space while sailing across open waters.