What Is the Difference Between a Deluxe Stateroom and a Standard Stateroom on a Disney Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

When planning a cruise, the kind of stateroom you book can be a big decision. On a Disney Cruise Ship, the two main types of staterooms are Deluxe and Standard. Luxury and convenience are two of the main differences between these two types of staterooms.

Deluxe Stateroom

Deluxe Staterooms are the top-of-the-line rooms on a Disney Cruise Ship. These luxury accommodations come with added amenities such as larger living space, balconies or verandahs, and often include extra touches like complimentary robes, slippers, and toiletries.

Deluxe Staterooms also provide more flexibility when it comes to dining options, with some ships offering exclusive restaurants only accessible to Deluxe guests. Finally, Deluxe rooms typically come with faster access to elevators and other ship amenities.

Standard Stateroom

Standard Staterooms are the most basic type of room on a Disney Cruise Ship. These rooms aren’t as luxurious as their deluxe counterparts but are still comfortable and well-appointed.

Standard Staterooms typically lack balconies or verandahs but offer all the same amenities as Deluxe rooms, including complimentary toiletries and access to all ship activities. Dining options in Standard rooms may be more limited than those in Deluxe rooms.


The main difference between a Deluxe Stateroom and a Standard Stateroom on a Disney Cruise Ship is luxury and convenience. The deluxe staterooms offer more spacious living areas, balconies or verandas, exclusive restaurants, faster elevator access and complimentary toiletries while standard staterooms lack these features but still feature comfortable accommodations for guests.