What Is the Difference Between Business Travel and Leisure Travel?

By Anna Duncan

The distinction between business travel and leisure travel is significant. Business travel involves travelling for work-related purposes, while leisure travel is typically undertaken for recreation and relaxation.

Business trips usually involve professional meetings, conferences, and other events. This type of travel may also involve visiting suppliers, customers, or potential business partners.

Business travellers typically stay in hotels that are close to their business destination and have amenities specifically designed to meet the needs of those travelling on business.

Leisure travel, on the other hand, is usually more recreational in nature. It often involves taking extended trips with family or friends to explore a new place or engage in activities such as sightseeing, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, or camping. Leisure travellers may stay in hotels as well as vacation rentals such as villas or Airbnb homes.

One of the main differences between business and leisure travel is the duration of the trip. Business trips are often short-term; they generally last anywhere from one day to a few weeks depending on the purpose of the trip and its duration. On the other hand, leisure trips tend to be longer; they can range from a weekend getaway to a month-long adventure.

Another key difference between business and leisure travel is cost. Business trips are often paid for by an employer while leisure trips are typically self-funded by individuals or families. Additionally, many employers offer discounts on airfare and hotels when travelling for work.


In summary, there are several key differences between business and leisure travel including duration of trip, cost of trip and type of accommodation used during each trip. Business travellers usually take shorter trips and stay in hotels that are tailored to their needs while leisure travellers take extended trips at their own expense which can include staying in vacation rentals such as villas or Airbnb homes.