What Is the Difference Between Ocean View and Balcony on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ships offer a variety of staterooms to their passengers, each with its own features, amenities and price. Two of the most popular types of staterooms are those with ocean view and balcony. Although both provide a great view of the water, there are some distinct differences between them.


The main difference between an ocean view and balcony stateroom is the type of view each offers. Ocean view staterooms typically have a large window that overlooks the water, but passengers can’t go out onto a deck or balcony to take in the scenery. Balcony staterooms include a private outdoor area where guests can sit and enjoy their surroundings.


Another difference between these two types of cabins is the amount of space they offer. Ocean view cabins tend to be smaller than balcony cabins because they don’t include an outdoor area. Balcony cabins are larger since they come with a private deck or balcony.


A third difference between ocean view and balcony staterooms is privacy. Ocean view cabins can be seen from other parts of the ship or from outside, so passengers may feel that their privacy is compromised. On the other hand, balcony cabins provide more privacy since they are located away from public areas and have walls or railings that block views from outside.


Finally, there is also a price difference between these two types of staterooms. Since ocean view cabins are smaller and don’t come with an outdoor area, they tend to be less expensive than balcony cabins. However, many passengers find that the extra cost for a balcony cabin is worth it for the added amenities and privacy.

In conclusion, there are several key differences between ocean view and balcony on a cruise ship including views, space, privacy and cost. While both provide great views of the water, passengers should consider their budget and preferences when deciding which type of stateroom to book.