What Is the Difference Between Staff and Crew on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ships are a unique type of vessel and the personnel required to keep it running are unique too. Cruise staff and cruise crew are two distinct terms that refer to two different types of people who work on cruise ships. Understanding the differences between them is important for both passengers and employees.

Staff on a cruise ship are the employees who interact with passengers every day. This includes wait staff, bartenders, and housekeeping personnel as well as musicians, entertainers, youth coordinators, spa attendants and photographers.

They provide the services that make cruises so enjoyable for guests. Staff members typically have a set schedule and work week on board a cruise ship.

Crew on a cruise ship are the personnel responsible for keeping the boat running smoothly. This includes engineers, deckhands, cooks, galley stewards and other behind-the-scenes staff members who do not interact with passengers on a daily basis but are essential to the operation of the ship. The crew typically works in shifts around the clock to ensure that all systems are functioning properly.

In summary, cruise staff provide services directly to passengers while crewmembers work behind-the-scenes to ensure that all systems on board the ship run smoothly. Both staff and crew play important roles in making sure that cruises are safe, enjoyable experiences for everyone onboard.

To conclude, it is clear that there is a clear distinction between cruise staff and crew on a cruise ship; while staff provide direct services to passengers, crew members take care of maintenance and other tasks necessary for running of the vessel. By understanding these differences between them, passengers can have an even more enjoyable experience onboard.