What Is the Drinking Age on a Carnival Cruise Ship in International Waters?

By Robert Palmer

The legal drinking age on a Carnival Cruise Ship in international waters is determined by the laws of the country in which the ship is registered. Generally, if the ship is registered in a country that has no minimum drinking age, then there is no minimum drinking age on board. Most cruise ships are registered in either Malta or Panama, both of which have no minimum drinking age.

In addition to this, Carnival offers a Special Savings Card to adults over the age of 21. This card entitles adults over 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages from any bar or lounge onboard the ship. The card also indicates that these persons are legally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on board and should be respected accordingly.

In addition, most cruise lines also require passengers under 21 years of age to present valid photo identification when purchasing or consuming alcohol onboard a Carnival Cruise Ship. This policy is intended to ensure that all passengers are aware of their responsibilities regarding alcohol consumption and safety while on board.

Carnival also has strict policies regarding underage drinking and intoxication while at sea that passengers should be aware of before boarding the ship. All guests must be 21 years or older to consume or purchase alcohol onboard a Carnival Cruise Ship regardless of country laws or regulations. If a passenger appears intoxicated or underage they will not be served any alcoholic beverages and may face disciplinary action including disembarkation from the ship without reimbursement for their remaining vacation time and fees incurred during their voyage.

In conclusion, it is important for all guests to understand that although there may not be a minimum legal drinking age in international waters, Carnival Cruise Ships have strict policies regarding underage and intoxicated passengers that must be followed at all times during your voyage.