What Is the Oldest Cruise Ship Still in Service?

By Robert Palmer

The oldest cruise ship still in service is the Oceanic, which was built in 1965. It is currently operated by Cruise & Maritime Voyages and sails to various destinations around the world, including the UK and Mediterranean.

The Oceanic was originally built for the British company P&O Cruises but has since changed hands several times over its 52-year lifespan. The ship underwent an extensive renovation back in 2002, which saw its passenger capacity increase from 790 to over 1,200.

The Oceanic features a variety of amenities for passengers to enjoy during their voyage, including a swimming pool, a selection of bars and lounges, a casino, and multiple dining options. The ship also boasts two grand ballrooms – the Regal Room and the Britannia Room – which host live entertainment on every voyage.

In addition to its regular cruises around Europe and beyond, the Oceanic is also available for charter hire. This includes private charters and corporate events – perfect for those looking to host a special occasion onboard the ship with all their friends and family.

As one of the longest-serving cruise ships still in operation, there’s no denying that the Oceanic has earned its place as an iconic vessel of modern times. Despite its age, it continues to offer passengers an unforgettable experience each time they sail onboard this classic ocean liner.

Conclusion: The Oceanic is an iconic vessel that has served passengers on cruises around Europe and beyond since 1965. Despite its age, it still offers a wide range of amenities including two grand ballrooms and multiple dining options for passengers to enjoy during their voyage. Thanks to its impressive longevity, it has become one of the oldest cruise ships still in service today.