What Is the Race to Dubai Worth?

By Robert Palmer

What Is the Race to Dubai Worth?

The Race to Dubai is a golf tournament series that takes place every year and attracts some of the best professional golfers from around the world. It is a highly prestigious event, but have you ever wondered what it is actually worth? Let’s dive into the details and explore the financial side of this exciting competition.

The Prize Money

One of the key aspects of any tournament is the prize money on offer, and the Race to Dubai is no exception. The total prize fund for this event is a staggering amount that attracts top players. In 2021, the total prize money was $8 million.

Why Is It Worth So Much?

The Race to Dubai offers such a substantial amount of prize money because it is part of the European Tour’s Rolex Series. This series consists of eight tournaments throughout the season, each with an enhanced purse compared to regular events.

This increased prize money attracts top players from all around the world, making it an incredibly competitive and valuable competition for both players and spectators alike.

Sponsorship Opportunities


The Race to Dubai has a title sponsor – Rolex. This partnership brings significant financial backing to the event, allowing for higher prize money and better overall quality. Rolex’s involvement adds prestige and value to the tournament.

Other Sponsors

In addition to Rolex, there are several other sponsors associated with the Race to Dubai. These companies invest in various aspects of the tournament, including branding on player clothing, advertising space on course signage, hospitality opportunities, and more.

Tourism Benefits

The Race to Dubai also brings substantial tourism benefits to the host city. The tournament attracts golf enthusiasts from all over the world, who travel to witness the action firsthand. This influx of visitors boosts local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related industries.

Global Exposure

The Race to Dubai is broadcasted internationally, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. This exposure not only promotes the host city but also raises its global profile as a tourist destination. The tournament showcases the city’s golf courses and scenic beauty, enticing viewers to plan future visits.

Prestige and Reputation

World Ranking Points

The Race to Dubai offers valuable world ranking points for participating players. These points are crucial for professional golfers as they contribute to their overall rankings. A higher ranking opens doors to more lucrative sponsorship deals and invitations to other prestigious tournaments.


Winning the Race to Dubai is a significant achievement that adds to a player’s legacy. It showcases their skill, consistency, and ability to perform under pressure. The reputation gained from winning this tournament can lead to increased endorsements and sponsorship opportunities in the future.

In Conclusion

The Race to Dubai is worth much more than just its prize money. It offers financial rewards through its substantial purse and sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, it brings tourism benefits and global exposure to the host city while boosting a player’s prestige and reputation within the golfing community.

If you’re a fan of golf or simply interested in witnessing an exciting sports event with immense value both on and off the course, the Race to Dubai is definitely worth following!