What Is the Safest Section of a Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships provide guests with an experience like no other. From being able to explore multiple places in one trip, to enjoying the onboard amenities and activities, there’s something for everyone.

However, with such a large number of people on board, safety is an important factor. One of the most common questions people have when considering a cruise is: what is the safest section of a cruise ship?

The primary factor in determining the safest area of a cruise ship is accessibility. When it comes to emergency situations, those areas that are most easily accessible are usually regarded as the safest. This means that the areas closest to lifeboat stations and muster points are often considered the safest sections of a cruise ship.

The main deck of the ship is also typically regarded as one of the safest sections due to its central location. It’s also usually where you’ll find some of the most important safety features, such as fire extinguishers and emergency exits, making it an ideal place for passengers in need of assistance.

Another factor which can determine how safe an area is on a cruise ship is its proximity to crew members. Areas that are closer to staff-only areas tend to be safer than those located further away from crew members who can respond quickly in case of any emergencies.


In conclusion, when choosing a safe area on a cruise ship, it’s important to take into account location and accessibility. The main deck is usually considered one of the safest sections due to its central location and easy access to emergency equipment and staff members who can offer assistance if needed.