What Is the Salary of a Cruise Ship Worker?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ship workers provide a variety of services to passengers, ranging from entertainment to food preparation and medical care. The salaries of cruise ship workers vary greatly depending on the type of job they do and the experience they have.

Deckhands: Deckhands are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the ship’s exterior, as well as providing assistance to passengers in need. Deckhands usually earn around $1,000 to $1,500 per month.

Chefs: Chefs are in charge of preparing meals for passengers on board the ship. They may also be required to manage a kitchen staff.

Chefs usually earn between $2,000 and $3,000 per month depending on their experience.

Cabin stewards: Cabin stewards are responsible for cleaning and maintaining cabins on board the cruise ship. They may also be required to help passengers with luggage or other items. Cabin stewards make an average of $1,500 to $2,000 per month.

Entertainment staff: Entertainment staff provides entertainment and activities for passengers during their cruise. This could include organizing shows, leading activities or providing music during events. Entertainment staff typically earns between $1,500 and $3,000 per month.

Medical professionals: Medical professionals such as nurses or doctors provide healthcare services on board a cruise ship in case of emergencies or illnesses. Depending on the experience level of a medical professional, salaries can range from $4,000 to over $10,000 per month.

Overall, the salaries of cruise ship workers can vary greatly depending on their role and experience level. Deckhands typically earn the least while medical professionals can earn significantly more. All salary amounts listed are approximate averages.


In conclusion, cruise ship workers can expect to make anywhere from around $1,000 up to over $10,000 per month depending on their job type and experience level.