What Is the Smallest Carnival Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

When it comes to cruising, Carnival Cruise Line is one of the most popular and well-known cruise lines in the world. With a variety of ships, there is something for everyone looking to set sail.

One of the questions that often comes up when discussing Carnival Cruise Line is, “What is the smallest Carnival cruise ship? “

The answer to this question is the Carnival Dream. The Dream was launched in 2009 and is 855 feet long, weighing in at just over 130,000 tons.

This makes it the smallest ship in Carnival’s fleet when it comes to length and tonnage. However, size isn’t everything. The Dream still has plenty of amenities and attractions that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a memorable vacation.

The Dream has a wide range of cabins and staterooms designed for all types of cruisers. From interior cabins perfect for budget-minded travelers, to elegant suites with room service and private balconies, there is something for everyone aboard this ship. The Dream also features multiple restaurants offering everything from casual poolside dining to gourmet specialty restaurants.

In addition to its impressive selection of dining options, the Dream also offers plenty of entertainment options as well. From Broadway-style shows in the multi-story atrium to outdoor movie screens by the pool deck, there’s something for everyone onboard this small yet mighty ship.

When it comes to Carnival Cruise Line’s smallest ship, that title belongs to the Carnival Dream. At 855 feet long and weighing in at over 130,000 tons, this vessel packs plenty of amenities into its smaller size. With a variety of cabins and staterooms designed for all types of travelers plus multiple restaurants and entertainment options onboard, this small ship proves that size isn’t everything when it comes to making memories on your next cruise.