What Is the Smallest Cruise Ship Ever?

By Michael Ferguson

The smallest cruise ship ever is the Cruise & Maritime Voyages Astoria, measuring just 10,618 gross tons. Launched in 1948, this remarkable vessel was originally known as the Völkerfreundschaft. It was subsequently renamed the Albatros in 1956 and then became the Astoria in 1993.

The Astoria has a length of 535 feet and a beam of 65 feet. This small but mighty ship can accommodate up to 800 passengers and 400 crew members. It has seven passenger decks and four engine rooms and is powered by two MAN diesel engines which provide a top speed of 16 knots.

The Cruise & Maritime Voyages Astoria has been cruising since 1948, but it has had quite a few different owners over its lifetime. It was originally built for the East German shipping line VEB Deutfracht Seereederei Rostock, but it was later sold to the Albatros Line in 1956. In 1993 it was sold again to Cruise & Maritime Voyages where it remains today.

The Cruise & Maritime Voyages Astoria is not only the smallest cruise ship ever, but also one of the oldest ships still operating today. Despite its age and size, this remarkable vessel is still able to provide its passengers with a wide range of amenities including an outdoor pool, multiple restaurants, lounges and bars, a spa, fitness center and much more.

Conclusion: The Cruise & Maritime Voyages Astoria, measuring just 10,618 gross tons, is officially the smallest cruise ship ever built in history. Launched in 1948 as the Völkerfreundschaft before being rechristened several times to become what it is today – this remarkable vessel has continued to sail for over 70 years now! With extensive amenities despite its size and age, it continues to be an amazing choice for those looking for an unforgettable cruise experience!