What Is the Speed of the Fastest Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

The speed of the world’s fastest cruise ship is a hotly debated topic. Many people think that the world’s fastest cruise ship is the MSC Seaside, which can reach speeds of up to 30 knots (34.5 mph). However, this is not the case.

The MSC Seaside has a maximum speed of around 28 knots (32 mph), and its cruising speed is usually around 24 knots (27.6 mph). This makes it one of the faster cruise ships in the world, but not necessarily the fastest. In fact, there are several other vessels that can exceed this speed, and some even reach speeds of up to 35 knots (40 mph).

One such vessel is Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. This colossal ship is one of Royal Caribbean’s largest vessels and can reach speeds of up to 33 knots (38 mph). In addition to being one of the fastest ships in service, it also offers some amazing amenities including 16 decks, 7 distinct neighborhoods, 22 restaurants and bars, a theatre and 2 pools.

Another fast cruise ship is Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Magic. This massive vessel can reach speeds of up to 32 knots (36.8 mph) and features 10 decks with plenty of activities for everyone onboard. It offers plenty of dining options including Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint, Cucina del Capitano Italian restaurant and BlueIguana Cantina Mexican eatery.

The title for world’s fastest cruise ship, however, belongs to none other than Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic. This magnificent vessel has a maximum speed of 35 knots (40 mph) and offers guests plenty of amenities including 18 restaurants, 20 bars/lounges and 3 pools. It also features an Aqua Park with four slides and two pools as well as a variety of activities such as zip-lining, laser tag and rock climbing walls.


The Norwegian Epic holds the title for world’s fastest cruise ship with its top speed reaching 35 knots (40 mph). Other vessels worthy of mention include Royal Caribbean’s Symphony Of The Seas which can reach speeds up to 33 knots (38 mph) and Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Magic which has a top speed 32 knots (36.8 mph).