What Is the Total Cost of Destination Wedding in Udaipur?

By Anna Duncan

A destination wedding is an unforgettable experience for couples and their families. It is a great way to celebrate your special day in a new and exciting location.

Udaipur, an Indian city known for its stunning palaces and exotic landscapes, is an ideal choice for those looking to have a destination wedding.

The total cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur depends on the number of guests, the duration of the stay, and the type of venue chosen. The cost of accommodation for guests will be one of the biggest expenses.

There are many luxurious hotels in Udaipur that offer special packages for destination weddings. These packages can include catering services, decoration, transportation services, and other amenities.

The cost of decorations will depend on the size and theme of the event. Traditional Indian decorations can be quite expensive but they are worth it as they will add to the beauty and ambiance of your wedding venue. You can also opt for simpler decorations such as ribbons, garlands, balloons, etc., which are more affordable.

The cost of catering depends on the number of guests attending the wedding. There are many catering companies in Udaipur that offer excellent services at reasonable prices. The food can be customized according to your preferences and tastes.

Transportation costs also need to be taken into consideration when planning a destination wedding in Udaipur. If you plan on hosting a large number of guests from different cities or states then hiring buses or cars may be necessary to transport them to your venue.

In conclusion, the total cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur will depend on several factors such as the number of guests attending, the duration of stay and type of venue chosen; however it can range anywhere between 2-3 lakhs depending upon these factors. To get an accurate estimate it is best to speak with local vendors who specialize in organizing destination weddings in Udaipur.