What Is the Weight of the Heaviest Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

The world’s heaviest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. It is the largest passenger ship ever built and weighs an incredible 228,021 tons.

The vessel was launched in 2018 and measures 1,188 feet in length and 213 feet in width. It can accommodate up to 6,680 passengers with a crew of 2,200 people.

Symphony of the Seas has over 2,700 staterooms which are complemented by numerous amenities such as a theatre, casino, spa, fitness centre and multiple restaurants. The ship also features a number of entertainment venues including an ice-skating rink and two waterslides that span 10 decks high!

The vessel was designed to feature the latest technologies available in order to provide the best experience for passengers. For example, it has been fitted with advanced navigation systems which allow it to be controlled by remote control from Royal Caribbean’s Miami headquarters. The ship also contains a wide range of sensors that monitor its performance and provide real-time data to the bridge.

The Symphony of the Seas is powered by six Wärtsilä 46F engines which generate a total power output of 80 megawatts. This allows it to reach speeds of up to 22 knots (about 25 mph) when cruising on open waters.


The Symphony of the Seas is the world’s heaviest cruise ship weighing a massive 228,021 tons. It features an impressive list of amenities for passengers to enjoy as well as technologies that ensure its safety and performance on open waters.