What Is Veranda on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

A veranda on a cruise ship is an important feature for passengers who choose to sail in luxury. It is a decked area outside the passenger’s cabin that allows them to step out and enjoy the views of the ocean and the surrounding scenery. Verandas provide a private and secluded area away from other passengers, allowing guests to relax in their own space while still experiencing all of the amenities of the cruise ship.

Verandas are typically equipped with comfortable seating, such as chairs or loungers, and may also include tables, umbrellas, and other features that allow guests to lounge in comfort. Some verandas may even have a hot tub or Jacuzzi built into them for added luxury. Depending on the size of the veranda, it may also have its own private bar or dining area.

Verandas are usually located on the upper decks of cruise ships, so guests can take in unobstructed views of landscapes or cities during their voyage. They can also be used as an outdoor dining area where guests can enjoy meals while taking in stunning views.

Veranda cabins are typically more expensive than standard cabins, but they come with additional amenities that make them well worth it. These cabins usually have larger living spaces than standard cabins, so they provide extra room for passengers who want more comfort during their voyage.

What Is Veranda on a Cruise Ship? A veranda on a cruise ship is an outdoor decked area off of a passenger’s cabin that allows them to step out and enjoy views of the ocean and surroundings while relaxing in their own private space.

Verandas typically include seating, tables, umbrellas, hot tubs/Jacuzzis and bars/dining areas depending on size. They are usually located on upper decks providing unobstructed views and can be used as outdoor dining areas. Veranda cabins come with additional amenities such as larger living spaces which make them more expensive than standard cabins but well worth it.