What Kind of Dining Options Are on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ship dining is one of the most important parts of any cruise vacation. The wide range of food available on board is designed to appeal to every taste, and with many different restaurants and bars to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to start. From international cuisine to specialty restaurants and buffets, there’s something for everyone on a cruise ship.

Buffets: Most cruise ships have a buffet restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet usually includes a variety of choices including salads, hot entrees and desserts.

International cuisine is often available as well as American-style fare. Some buffets also have expanded menus for dinner that include steak and seafood.

Main Dining Room: Most cruise ships also have at least one main dining room, which typically serves dinner only. The menu in the main dining room changes daily and often includes entrees from around the world. Some ships also offer special themed nights in the main dining room such as Italian or Mexican night.

Specialty Restaurants: Many cruise ships offer specialty restaurants that serve gourmet cuisine such as Italian, French or Asian-fusion dishes. These restaurants usually require an additional fee but they are well worth it for those looking for an upscale dining experience on board.

Bars & Lounges: Cruise ships have plenty of bars and lounges that serve drinks and snacks throughout the day. There are typically themed bars such as sports bars, jazz clubs or piano bars that offer entertainment in the evenings.

Cruise ship dining has something for everyone no matter what type of food you prefer. From buffets to specialty restaurants and plenty of bars and lounges in between, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to meals on board a cruise ship.

In conclusion, cruises come with an array of different types of dining options ranging from buffets, main dinning rooms, specialty restaurants and bars & lounges giving passengers a wide selection for their culinary pleasure during their trip at sea!