What Makes a Business Travel Policy Effective?

By Michael Ferguson

A business travel policy is an important tool that outlines the rules and regulations for employees travelling on behalf of the company. It is important to have a travel policy in place to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities when travelling, and that the company is protected in case of any unexpected events. Having an effective travel policy will help to reduce costs, minimise risks and promote efficiency.

Creating an Effective Business Travel Policy

Creating an effective business travel policy requires careful consideration of all aspects of business travel. This includes outlining the types of expenses allowed, setting travel budgets, and outlining the procedures for making bookings. It should also include information on how to deal with any unexpected events that may occur during a trip, such as illness or flight delays.

The policy should also outline what activities are covered by the company during a business trip, such as meals, accommodation and transportation. For example, it should specify if business meals are provided by the company or if they need to be reimbursed by the traveller. The policy should also detail what documents are required for reimbursement claims.

Communicating Rules and Regulations

It is important to communicate the rules and regulations outlined in the business travel policy clearly so that all employees understand them before they go on a trip. This can be done through regular email updates or by hosting regular meetings where employees can ask questions about their specific situation.

Ensuring Compliance

Ensuring compliance with the business travel policy is essential to ensuring that it remains effective. This can be done through regular auditing of expense claims or through periodic reviews with employees who have recently travelled on behalf of the company.


A well-thought-out and clearly communicated business travel policy can help to reduce costs and minimise risks associated with employee travel. Creating an effective policy requires consideration of all aspects of business travel, clear communication of rules and regulations, and ensuring compliance with those policies.