What Percent of Travel Is Business Travel?

By Robert Palmer

Business travel, the act of traveling for work-related purposes, has become an increasingly common practice. According to the Global Business Travel Association, business travel accounts for approximately 20% of all travel worldwide. This figure is expected to continue to rise as globalization and advances in technology make it easier for businesses to conduct business on a global scale.

Business travel provides many benefits to organizations. It offers an opportunity for employees to network with colleagues from other countries, experience different cultures, and gain insight into the operations of other companies. It also allows organizations to increase their global presence and build new relationships with potential customers.

Many businesses have adopted policies that encourage business travel. Organizations may offer incentives such as reduced airfare or hotel rates, or reimbursements for meals and other incidentals related to business trips. Many companies also provide employees with a corporate credit card that can be used for business travel expenses.

The majority of business trips are taken domestically within a country’s own borders; however, international business trips are becoming more common as well. The number of international travelers has grown steadily over the past decade, making up approximately 17% of all travelers in 2019. International trips tend to be longer and more expensive than domestic ones due to longer flight times and higher costs associated with accommodations.


In conclusion, it’s clear that business travel is an integral part of many companies’ operations. Business travel accounts for around 20% of all global travel and is expected to continue rising in the coming years as globalization increases and technology advances further.

International trips are becoming increasingly popular as well, making up 17% of all travelers in 2019. Companies should make sure they have policies in place that encourage employees to take advantage of the opportunities available through business travel.