What Percent of Travel Is for Business?

By Michael Ferguson

Business travel is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more professionals travelling to attend meetings, conferences, and events. But what percentage of travel is actually for business purposes?

According to a survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association, approximately 40 percent of travelers are on some form of business-related journey. This number has been steadily increasing over the past five years as businesses have become more global in nature.

The most popular destinations for business travel are North America (37 percent), Europe (24 percent), Asia-Pacific (19 percent), and Latin America (14 percent). The top three countries that have the most business travelers are the United States (25 percent), China (20 percent) and Japan (15 percent).

Business travel has many benefits, including increased productivity, improved communication between staff members, and better customer relations. It also allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities in different markets and build relationships with potential partners.

However, it can also be expensive. Businesses must factor in costs such as airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation, and other related expenses when planning trips. Additionally, there is always the risk of disrupting employees’ personal lives if they are away from home too often.


In conclusion, approximately 40% of travelers are on some form of business-related journey. Business travel has many benefits but it can also be expensive. Therefore, businesses must carefully consider all costs associated with trips before embarking on them.