What Percentage of Destination Wedding Guests Attend?

By Anna Duncan

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular for couples who want to share their special day with loved ones without having to worry about the stress of hosting a large party. The idea of a destination wedding is that the entire wedding party travels to an exotic location and enjoys the festivities in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere. But what percentage of destination wedding guests actually attend?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of destination wedding and how much time and money guests are able to invest in attending. Generally speaking, destination weddings tend to have a higher attendance rate than traditional weddings due to the fact that guests are more likely to make the extra effort to join in on the special day when they know they’ll be able to enjoy a vacation at the same time. Depending on how far away and expensive the location is, however, some guests may not be able or willing to attend.

Destination weddings also tend to have less guests than traditional weddings, which can help increase attendance rates. Couples hosting destination weddings typically only invite close family members and friends who they know will be able to make it due to financial or travel constraints. This means that couples can count on most, if not all, of their guests showing up for their special day.

The average attendance rate for destination weddings is between 80-90%. This number can vary based on factors such as how far away the destination is, how much money it will cost for guests to attend, and how much notice couples give their friends and family about their plans. Couples should always do their best to give guests as much notice as possible so they can plan accordingly.


On average, destination weddings have an 80-90% attendance rate from invited guests depending on various factors such as location, cost, and notice given. Couples should always do their best to give guests as much notice as possible so they can plan accordingly for what promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.