What Should Men Wear to a Destination Wedding?

By Robert Palmer

A destination wedding is a special event, and as such requires an outfit that will make you look good and feel comfortable as you celebrate your loved one’s special day. For men, the perfect outfit is both stylish and appropriate for the event.

The go-to look for a destination wedding is typically semi-formal or dressy casual. A well-fitted blazer teamed with crisp chinos or tailored trousers is the perfect way to achieve this look. For a more elevated option, choose a linen suit in a light color like beige or tan which will be comfortable in warm weather and will ensure you look sharp for the occasion.

When it comes to shoes, loafers work well for an outdoor setting, while leather dress shoes are appropriate for an indoor venue. Both should be polished and clean to complete your look.


A pocket square or tie can add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit, while other accessories such as sunglasses and hats can help protect you from the sun. When choosing colors, opt for muted tones that will match with any of your other outfits. Finally, don’t forget to add some personal touches like cufflinks or a watch.


For men attending a destination wedding, it’s important to find an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable for the occasion. Choose a semi-formal blazer with chinos or tailored trousers and accessorize with pocket squares or ties for added style. Complete the look with loafers or leather dress shoes and sunglasses or hats if needed – all in muted tones that will match any other outfits you may have.