What Time Can You Board a Princess Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

Boarding a Princess Cruise Ship is an exciting experience and it is important to be aware of the times available for boarding. Depending on the cruise, passengers may be able to board prior to the scheduled departure time or can board at their convenience.

Pre-Cruise Boarding

The company offers pre-cruise boarding for select sailings. This allows passengers to board the ship a day or two prior to the scheduled departure time.

This allows passengers to explore the ship, become familiar with its layout, and enjoy its amenities without being rushed. However, this service comes at an additional cost and is subject to availability.

Standard Boarding Times

In most cases, passengers are able to start boarding a few hours before the scheduled departure time of their cruise. Princess Cruises typically open up boarding at least three hours prior to departure and will continue until thirty minutes before sailing away. Check-in times can vary by sailing and port of embarkation, so make sure you check your cruise details before packing your bags!

Late Boarders

If you are running late or simply don’t want to rush on board, there are still opportunities for you to join your cruise! Princess Cruises will allow late arrivals up until thirty minutes prior to departure time. Of course, this means that late comers will miss out on any of the pre-departure activities so it is best not to wait too long!


Knowing what time you can board a Princess Cruise Ship is important in order for you not to miss out on any fun activities or have difficulty finding your cabin. Pre-cruise boarding is available for select sailings but standard boarding times begin at least three hours prior to departure time with late arrivals accepted up until thirty minutes prior to sailing away.