What to Do in St Thomas When You Get Off the Cruise Ship?

By Anna Duncan

St. Thomas is a breathtakingly beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea and is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. With turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and lush vegetation, St. Thomas is the perfect place for anyone looking to relax and explore a tropical paradise. There are plenty of things to do in St. Thomas when you get off the cruise ship, from lounging on the beach to exploring historical sites and taking part in outdoor activities.


St. Thomas has some of the best sightseeing opportunities in the Caribbean, with an array of historical sites and breathtaking vistas around every corner.

From centuries-old buildings to stunning landscapes, there is something for everyone here. The Blackbeard’s Castle is an old British fort located on a hilltop overlooking Charlotte Amalie harbor. The fort was built in 1680 and offers amazing views of St. Thomas’s harbor and beyond.


The beaches of St. Thomas are some of the most stunning in the world, with white sands and crystal clear waters that invite visitors to come and enjoy their day off from the cruise ship. Magens Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches on St. Thomas, with its powdery white sand inviting visitors to relax under palm trees or take a dip in its shallow turquoise waters.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re feeling adventurous there’s plenty to do outdoors as well! From sailing around nearby islands to snorkeling or scuba diving in crystal clear waters, there’s something for everyone here! You can also go kayaking or paddle-boarding around nearby cays or head out on a charter boat fishing expedition.


St. Thomas offers something for everyone when you get off your cruise ship! Whether you’re looking to relax on one of its many beaches or explore its rich history through sightseeing tours, there’s always something new to experience here! Outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving also provide great opportunities for adventure seekers looking to get their adrenaline pumping during their stay at this tropical paradise!