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What to Pack for Bali

Exploring Bali is a big adventure!  I really wanted a little Backpack to put all the essentials for a day which can include sightseeing, walking, photographing and other adventures.

Bali Packing List:

  • As many Bikinis and Swimsuits as possible
  • Beach cover up – I love the Head Klein coverups
  • Silk Kaftan –  Cool to wear in the heat and take no space in a suitcase
  • Maxi Dresses – Perfect for Temple visits when you must cover legs
  • Silk Playsuits –  Mine are all from Camilla (I found one in TKMaxx!)
  • Cotton Sundresses – Tropical heat is hot and sweaty, stay cool in cotton
  • Sun hats – protect your head and face from the strong sun
  • Sunglassses
  • Factor 50 sincere for face and Factor 30 for body
  • Sarong – Keep it in you bag for Temple visits

Diva readers know that I have limitless floaty summer dresses!  These are perfect for the hot, humid weather in Bali.  Pop a maxi dress on and you will be cool all day.  They are perfect for temple visits too, because you must cover shoulders and legs if you enter a Temple.

Just click on any of the items to take a closer look or if you want to buy them.

Heidi Klein dresses are not inexpensive but worth every penny.  This will take you from the beach, to cocktails and exploring the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida near Bali!  If you like to travel light, this is for you.

Then you need a short dress for beach and sightseeing on the island.  This is cool, lightweight, pretty and perfect.  Plonl on a straw hat and flat sandals and you re good to go!

I also like at least one Dress that I can wear for a smart restaurant in the evening.  Dress it up with heels for night or flats for daytime lunches.

Sunglasses are essential in the bright sunlight.  I am coveting these gorgeous Gucci Sunglasses.  Wonder if I can resist for long!


My Lipault Back pack is perfect, I absolutely love it!  Perfect for city or travel, it is made of soft leather and is elegant and chic as well as super practical.  I wanted a backpack that looks good, is light to carry and practical.

I also used it as my carry on bag for the long flight.  It will be coming with me around the world as it is light to carry, has room for my cameras and lenses.  I like the hidden zip pocket at the back which holds my wallet.  My hands free to take photos or use my GoPro.

PHOTO:  Exploring Bali with with my Lipault back pack

Inside my back pack are some other essentials.  Suncare for that strong tropical sun.  Essential for my delicate skin that goes red in any sunshine!

PHOTO: Lipault Back Pack

My backpack looks just as good now after a long trip around the world!  It pays to buy quality, this will travel with me for years to come.

Read about my Bali trip tips here:

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Protect your skin! I packed my Institut Esthederm Adaptasun https://www.feelunique.com/search?q=esthederm which protects my skin and optimises natural tanning.  Also, Institut Esthederm Bronze repair for my face.  After a shower in the evening, I apply Institut Esthederm Tan prolonging body lotion which prolongs your tan and makes skin super soft.

PHOTO: Institut Esthederm Sun Protection

My favourite Institut Esthederm Eau Celluliare came along too!  A delicious hydro booster, antioxidant face spray that refreshes, cools and hydrates your skin.  Put it in you backpack and liberally spray your face through out the day.

PHOTO: Institut Esthederm Suncare

I also loved Epionce Daily Shield Lotion.  Any dermatologist will tell you to keep your face out of the sun!  I always wear a hat and sun protection on my face plus sunglasses.  However, it is problematic when  enjoying water activities.  Impossible to snorkel with a hat! This Daily Shield lotion is waterproof and has a tinted SPF 50.  It really does stay on your face and protects it too.  Great for days out on adventures because it lasts all day.

Hair Care:

Take care of your hair in the sun!  Swimming in the sea and swimming pools and the harsh sun can take its toll on your hair.  I used Philip Kingsley Swim Cap.  Slather this on your hair before sunbathing and swimming and it protects your hair from the saltwater and also contains sunscreen.

My Philip Kingsley Elasticizer which is an intense pre shampoo conditioning treatment came along too. I mentioned this in my Instagram stories and received many messages from followers who LOVE this product.  Try it and see for yourself!

PHOTO: Philip Kingsley Haircare

I am also taking Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex a hair nutrition formula which will help maintain healthy hair.

Water Bottle:

If you read this blog regularly, you know I am obsessive about single use plastic.  I have seen too many plastic bottles and plastic bags littering beaches around the world.  I always carry a reusable Water bottle.

I packed one of my many Stainless Steel water bottles, which are small enough to go in my backpack and extremely durable as it is Stainless steel.

Do not forget that all airports have drinkable water dispensers, usually located near the toilets.  It is also illegal for any restaurant or cafe to refuse to fill a bottle (although in Helsinki Airport Starbucks they tried to charge me 1 euro!  I politely declined).


Take some anti mosquito spray which contains DDT.  There are Mosquitoes carrying Dengue fever and Encephalitis in Bali.  I packed lots, but didn’t see a single Mosquito anywhere!  However, make sure to pack some in case you are not so lucky.


You will need to cover your legs for visits to Temples in Bali.  If you are wearing a Maxi dress, that is absolutely fine but legs cannot be shown.  Pop a Sarong into your Backpack to wear for Temple visits.  Although we quickly suffered from Temple fatigue, it is fascinating to visit.

PHOTO: Pack a Sarong for Temples

Although, you can buy or hire a Sarong at all Temples so don’t worry if you forget!


I  pack:

  • lots of swimwear,
  • rash guard,
  • beach dresses,
  • Kaftans,
  • shorts,
  • maxi dresses,
  • sun dresses,
  • all in one shorts,
  • loose long sleeved tops.

Trainers and flat sandals.  I take my own Snorkel gear, I don’t think it is hygienic or safe to share equipment that has been used a lot.  Sunglasses, hats, baseball caps.

DIVA TOP TIP:  ALWAYS pack a capsule wardrobe in your hand luggage.  If the Airline lose your suitcase, your trip will not be ruined.  I take my Samsonite Carry on case.

PHOTO: What to Pack for Bali


My Canon Camera, 2 lenses one long range, Go Pro Camera, lots of batteries,  iPhone.  I take my MacBook Pro for editing in Lightroom and watching Netflix.


I always pack some emergency supplies!  You have no idea how grateful you will be for snacks sometimes!  I take packets of Nuts and Dates, a Probiotic to keep tummies healthy, energy bars, Vitamin C and Multi purpose Vitamins. Imodium just in case.

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