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What to Pack for Kenya – Packing List


Kenya is an incredible country to visit.  You really need to pack everything possible though, especially if you are combining A Safari with Beach trip.

First, get the basics sorted: Make sure you have A Yellow Fever Vaccination, Polio/Diptheria/Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Cholera. Next, make sure you have Malaria pills as most of Kenya (Except for the mountainous areas) have Malaria carrying Mossies.  Also remember to take care when travelling with what you eat, getting sick can ruin a trip.  Also check the area you are travelling to online before you go.  Hospitals for Tropical Diseases are full of patients returning from travels who are sick.  Take sensible precautions.

Check online to see if you need a Visa, I do as a UK citizen and I bought my EVisa online.  Recommended to avoid the queue to buy a visa when you arrive in Kenya.

Buy a SIM card on arrival (if possible take a second phone for this).  Kenyan shillings and a credit card.


My packing list for a Safari is the same for all African countries.  I am taking all of the items on the list to Kenya. See my list here:

Uganda Safari – What to wear

Do not forget to take lots of sun protection along with you.  It is sometimes not easy to find these products at your destination.  Also take mosquito protection.

PHOTO: Perfect Bikini by Heidi Klein, Click the photo to view


Here is my What to pack for Kenya – packing list:

  • Snorkelling gear.  I always take my own good quality gear – safety first. Plus sensible swimsuit and rashguard.
  • Camera gear.  My Canon Camera, lenses and spare batteries.  Go Pro for under water photos and action shots, spare batteries.  Travel tripod.  iPhone X and charger.  Universal charger and headphones.
  • Basic emergency kit with hand sanitiser, Nurofen, bandage, antiseptic cream.
  • Swimwear.  As many bikinis and swimsuits as possible!  Beach coverups, beach dresses.
  • Silk kaftans, Cotton and silk maxi dresses. I pack natural fibres for the hot humid climate.
  • Shorts, T-shirts, Cotton Capri pants.
  • Cotton and silk underwear, avoid man made fibres in the heat.
  • Cotton nightwear.
  • Reusable water Bottle, Beroca, Vitamin Pills, snacks for emergencies (dates, nuts, energy bars, dried fruit.
  • Hat, sunglasses, beach bag
  • Sandals, beach flip flops, trainers or Converse
  • Floatie, if space permits

Perfect, cool dress for the beach and lunch:


What to pak for Kenya packing list.  I ALWAYS pack a selection of clothes in my hand luggage in case my case gets lost en route.  I pack a swimsuit, underwear, dress, nightwear, shorts and a T plus all my Camera equipment.  Also, if I am travelling into a different climate i take a change of clothes and change just before the plane lands.  I always do this on long flights as I want to look fresh and elegant on arrival.  Especially important if it is a Press Trip.

Pack a perfect white T Shirt in your hand luggage.

PHOTO: Perfect white T Shirt click on photo to view

Don’t you love this cute key ring, put all your house and luggage keys o this in your hand luggage.

PHOTO: Laduree Key Ring


Kenya is a poor country in many areas.  Think of ways to ‘give back’ during your trip.  Either take supplies with you which will be welcome or support local charities before and after your trip.  If you are going to remote rural areas, take pencils and notepads for the kids, sweets and treats.  I also always buy things from local people, this is a good way to support the local economy and ensure travellers are welcome.