What to Pack for Lapland

What to Pack for Lapland and the Arctic Circle? Here is my packing list, but the good news is you need absolutely NOTHING! I stayed at Arctic Fox Luxury Igloos and they provide everything you need.

Packing List for Lapland:

  1. Warm Ski Jacket or Padded Coat
  2. Thermal Long Johns, Thermal Vest (fine knit to layer)
  3. Thermal socks
  4. Ski Gloves, hand warmers (A life saver, put them in your boots too!)
  5. Ski Base layer trouser
  6. Waterproof Salopettes
  7. Wool Sweaters, Neck warmer, Scarf, Snood, Wool balaclava
  8. Swimsuit for hot tub and ice swimming
  9. Lounge wear for relaxing in your Glass Igloo or Chalet.
  10. Sports bra, nightwear and underwear
PHOTO: There is a lot to do in Lapland

It is seriously cold in Lapland, The Arctic Circle area in winter! Unimagineably cold! However, it is a dry atmosphere with gorgeous powder snow and sunny days. You do not need to buy anything at all because the resort will have everything you need from special snow suits to socks, gloves, helmets, the most amazing boots….. all cleaned and immaculate.

I packed 2 Ski jackets, both with the highest level 5 padding for the coldest conditions skiing. They were about as much use as a chocolate teapot! I spent every second outside in my special snowsuit loaned by the resort and wearing their special boots. All of the clothing they provide is made and designed for arctic conditions.

PHOTO: SuperDry Sweater

So…. I recommend you buy/pack the basics and wear all the clothes provided, they know best! Pack sweaters, like the one above, click on the photo to buy. If you have ski gear then take it with you. Definitely buy thermal underwear, but make it lightweight or silk so you have room for all the other clothes on top! I wore 4 layers and looked like the Michelin man, but was warm and cosy.

PHOTO: What to pack for Lapland

Camera Equipment:

You will want to take photo’s of these amazing Lapland views and experiences! The problem is that the camera batteries do not last long in such cold conditions. I put several batteries inside my suit when I was out and about. My body heat kept them warm. I also put all my cameras inside my snow suit! This way, they didn’t freeze. I had water and snacks in my back pack above and a spare lens but cameras are inside my suit!

The GoPro was easy to use, I switched it on and kept filming holding it in my gloved hands. The Camera was trickier! Taking my glove off to take a shot and risking frozen fingers. My solution was to wear thin gloves with a rubber pad on the index finger (I think they are for making phone alls, but perfect for Cameras too). Wear these under your enormous Snow gloves provided by the resort.

I was warm as toast in my Snow suit, but it was my hands and feet that I struggled to keep warm, despite the special boots. So happy I packed disposable hand warmers. I put 2 of these in each Boot and 1 in each glove. Trust me, you need them! I would add a bottle of Vodka, pick one up in duty free!

My Camera Equipment:

  1. Canon Camera and plenty of batteries
  2. GoPro – Super for video and I could hold the handle wearing my heavy gloves
  3. iPhone X for some insta stories
  4. Long Range lenses
PHOTO: Snowmobiles on the lake

Definitely visit the Arctic Circle at least once in a lifetime! It is stunningly beautiful, lots of fun activities including getting around on Snowmobiles, Husky sliding, horse sledging in the moonlight, Ice fishing, Snow shoe hiking and Ice swimming for the brave! Pack your swimsuit because the wood fired outdoor hot tubs are a must do.

One of my favourite things was arriving home to my Glass Igloo and then luxury Chalet and getting in my private Sauna – this is heavenly and warms up those freezing cold bones!

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What to Wear Lounging around inside:

There is not much time for lounging around! Days ar busy with activities and evenings out looking to spot the Northern Lights on a snowmobile safari on horse sleigh. I spent a glorious evening out in the moonlight looking at the stars on a horse sleigh. Didn’t see any Northern lights, arrived back and went to bed and missed it!

PHOTO: inside a Glass Igloo Ranua

However, it is glorious to snuggle in front of your wood burner in the Chalet. Indoors is warm and toasty. Even the Glass Igloos could not we cosier with underfloor heating. I wore my favourite Cashmere tracksuit inside or a sweater and leggings.

PHOTO: The perfect SuperDry Sweater

This sweater is on my wishlist for this winter. click on the photo for details. Perfect for meals and indoor activities. I have a jacket like the one below.


To recap …. Do not buy things just for this trip that you will never wear again! The resort will provide everything you need. Do pack a warm ski jacket or padded coat and snow boots. Remember to have these to hand when you arrive at the airport. You need them jus to get from the Airport to your transport.

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