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What to pack in your make up bag

What to pack in your make up bag. Less is more, let your natural beauty shine!  We only need a small make up bag for travelling, too much make up is horribly ageing and unflattering.  You are beautiful just as you are, don’t forget that!

The secret make up? Healthy skin!  I eat a healthy diet, use great skin care, Sun protection, drink plenty of water and use minimal natural make up.  I take a small make up bag but enormous beauty products and supplements bag!

My holiday look is just four products.  Mascara, eyeliner, Lipgloss and tinted moisturiser! Plus some very natural coloured eye shadows for the evening.  I love my new, free, eyeshadow set (Free for you too, if you spend £40 with Bare Minerals).  Use the code BMR8 when you click on the products below.

PHOTO: Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Set


Luscious lips are essential! I use an SPF Lip balm and then a little gloss.  Diva Tip: Did you know, if you have dry flaky lips, it means you are dehydrated so drink more water.

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Eye Liner:

This will not take up much space in your bag and is so useful for eye definition, I use sparingly and on the outer one third of the lid only.


An essential for those of us with blonde eyelashes!  Also gives any colour eye some definition without a heavily made up look.  Remember ‘no make up’ make up is the look for our travel make up bag!

A tinted moisturiser will give protection and a gorgeous glow.  I use it over my Caudalie Premier Cru serum.  I regret sunbathing in my younger years but its never too late to protect our skin.  Diva Tip: Slap on Factor 50, Sunglasses with sun protection and a hat.

Use an SPF tinted moisturiser.

Don’t forget,  you are beautiful just as you are!  A little make up can enhance but be confident.