What to Wear in Jordan

What to Wear in Jordan? I cover up more than usual in a conservative Middle Eastern country. Here is my packing list for Autumn/Winter:

Packing Essentials For Exploring Jordan:

  1. Long Kaftan tops by Tory Burch – I have these in so many styles
  2. Burberry Jeans – Dark blue/black The best jeans, the only ones I wear
  3. Burberry Jeans White/pink
  4. Nike Trainers
  5. Long sleeved T’s by American Vintage
  6. Jogging pants and leggings by Zadie & Voltaire
  7. Long Kaftan dresses – I buy these in Morocco and Jordan
  8. Shawl for cold nights and covering your head
  9. Long sleeve T-shirt dresses by Zara
  10. Resuable Water bottle
  11. Silk or cotton underwear to keep you cool
  12. Bra without underwire (essential for airport security)
  13. Comfortable Sandals
  14. Hiking boots, sweat free socks
  15. Snacks of dates and nuts
PHOTO: What to Wear Exploring Jordan

What to Wear Travelling:

I have travelled to Jordan 3 times over the last 12 years. The first time arriving by yacht from Egypt, you can take a Yacht from Taba and Sharm el Sheik to Aqaba.. The second time to and from Turkey with normal airport security and the third time to and from London on BA. Understandably security at Amman Airport flying to the UK is absolutely very tight indeed! For example, flying to Turkey I could keep my Laptop in the cabin but the rules are that this goes in the hold on BA flights. Obviously check before you travel, the rules change all the time!

Be aware of this tight security and you can plan in advance to make your trip more comfortable. I never wear an underwire bra because they are picked up by the security scanners, so no bra or a wireless one! Put everything possible in your suitcase. (I had a portable phone charger confiscated at another Middle Eastern airport recently). Obviously, the security is for our safety and nothing to worry about – just be aware and plan ahead.

What to Pack in your make up Bag

I love the dry climate in the Middle East, it is wonderful for health and well being. However, the Desert air can be very drying on the skin so pack lots of moisturiser and sun protection. Keep your lips moisturised too and don’t forget that dry lips means you are dehydrated too, so DRINK water! I use Lipgloss to protect my lips over a SPF stick.

PHOTO: Bare Minerals Lipgloss – Click to see more
  1. Sun Protection Factor 50
  2. Bare Minerals Eyeliner
  3. Bare Minerals Nude Lipgloss
  4. Bare Minerals Concealer or YSL Concealer – if I look a bit tired!

What to Wear on the Dead Sea:

If you stay in one of the big International group luxury hotels and resorts, wear the usual resort wear (although I still dress more conservatively than normal!)

Gorgeous sundress that can be worn with a long sleeve T underneath or a cotton cardi to cover arms. This is coming with me to Asia Spring 2020! Click on the photo to buy any of the products.:

I always pack a LOT of swimwear! Well, it doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase! Loving this SuperDry swimsuit its on my wishlist for trips this winter. Perfect for watersports.

PHOTO: SUPERDRY Swimsuit £49.99

NOTE: 2020 catch up. I JUST bought the swimsuit above, it is half price on sale, only a few left. Everything I hoped it would be with good coverage for water sports and a nice thick fabric for snorkelling.

Packing List for The Dead Sea Resorts:

  1. Bikinis and Swimsuits – SuperDry, Heidi Klein, Pain de Sucre
  2. Dark colour old bikini to wear when taking a Mud bath
  3. Coverups – Heidi Klein, Camilla, Missoni
  4. All in one playsuits
  5. Casual sundresses
  6. Silk nightwear
  7. Shorts and Tshirts
  8. Gym kit and trainers
  9. flipflops – washable for the mud bath and Salt bathing
  10. Suncream and Sunhat

When you stay on the Dead Sea, you want to pack an old swimsuit or bikini. I ruined one of mine because the mud is very difficult to remove completely! Take a black colour swimsuit and plastic, washable flip-flops, take a washable hat too, if you plan to wear it on the water.

PHOTO: Float away on the Dead Sea

A stay on the Dead sea in Jordan is unmissable. I would recommend basing yourself here to visit the sites such as Mount Nebo and Madaba. Return to your gorgeous resort and enjoy floating around on the sea or slathering yourself in mud!

I stayed at Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea for my first trip and Movenpick Dead Sea the second time. Both were wonderful, Movenpick has a dedicated hospital for people staying on the Dead Sea for treatments.

Wear usual resort wear during your stay, it is only outside the resorts when touring around you need to cover up.

PHOTO: Pack a few dresses for relaxing by the Dead Sea (this one is by Zara)

What to Wear in Petra:

However, outside the International resorts it is a good idea to cover up! This is for various reasons. Firstly Jordan is a traditional Middle Eastern country, it is respectful to the culture of Middle Eastern countries to dress in a more conservative way. Also, you will not receive unwanted attention. Remember, try not to think about it from a Western point of view!

I follow the maxim (which might be old fashioned, but I really don’t care) Dress like lady, behave like a lady and you will be treated like one.

PHOTO: Petra with my Neverfull bag by Louis Vuitton

See the photo above to see what I wear out and about in the Middle East. I always accesorise with a Designer bag such as my Neverfull by Louis Vuitton which has been t so many countries with me. It is worth every penny, can carry my Camera, GoPro Lenses and lots more!

Jeans are a very practical option for Petra, clambering over rocks and riding Camels. My favourite Burberry Jeans (see photo above).

I am also wearing one of my many Tory Burch Kaftan tops in cotton and silk. These are perfect, loose fitting, will keep you cool and cover your bottom which is important. Also important, pack comfortable trainers for all the walking about on uneven ground. As you can see, I am completely covered except for my head and I do have a light silk scarf in my bag to cover my head.

What to Wear in Wadi Rum

PHOTO: My Indiana Jones look

I travelled to Wadi Rum in the winter time. Sunny days and cold nights require layering of clothing so you can take off jackets and sweaters. Here is my packing list for Wadi Rum:

  1. Hiking Boots – sweat free socks
  2. Warm Jacket – loose fitting for layering (I packed my Safari jacket, above)
  3. Shawl for chilly nights
  4. Sweaters
  5. Shirts/tshirts
  6. Track suit bottoms/jeans/leggings
  7. A hat
  8. Warm pyjamas
  9. Long dress for daytime
  10. Hiking sandals

The same packing list for men, except for the dress. Don’t forget to pack a razor, no beards please! Layer with T Shirt, Sweater and Jacket, boys too!

PHOTO: SuperDry T

My latest purchase for Mr Diva, this gorgeous sweater. Click on the links to buy:

PHOTO: SuperDry Sweater

I stayed in a Luxury desert camp overnight. The night were cold and the camp provides all guests with thick bedouin wool coats, which are super warm! Read about my trip and itinerary for you here:


I will be buying this gorgeous Cashmere hoodie, below. If you go by ‘price per wear’ this will pay for itself in no time! Take a look and see if you agree:

PHOTO: Heidi Klein Cashmere Hoodie

I love a hoodie! So practical if it gets a bit windy in the desert evening and a good way to cover your hair in the Middle East! Coveting this gorgeous suitcase:

PHOTO: Click to buy from Amara

Diva Tip: Wear a hoodie and you can easily cover your hair for Middle East travel!

PHOTO: Wearing the Bedouin coat provided by the Luxury Camp in Wadi Rum

Hiking sticks would be a good idea, if you have room in your luggage. Climbing up the sand dunes and rocky mountains can be tricky. Long sleeve T’s are a great choice, protect you from the sun and are covered up:

PHOTO: Long Sleeve T – click for details

If you also visit Aqaba for diving and snorkelling then do not forget to pack your snorkelling gear, rash guard and swimwear. Read about my Jordan trip here:

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