What to Wear in Monaco

What to wear in Monaco this Winter? Updated for Summer 2022  Hotels are open in Monaco, so why not come and join us all here?  Great restaurants and so many interesting things to do!  Winter is a favourite time of mine in Monaco, Christmas markets, Christmas Fair and so many events to attend.

What to Wear in Monaco Summer 2022

We are enjoying the most beautiful late Spring weather.  Think layers in late Spring!  Chilly early mornings, sunny and warm by lunchtime then mild but chilly evenings.  So layers are the best option then you can take something off.  Talking about taking something off, the Grande Dame tradition in Monaco is to NEVER wear white before summertime!  This is why you will see Monaco ladies sweating in black clothes until June.  Obviously just ignore this absurd snobbery!

Photo: November 2021, I’m wearing a light wool coat

So, I would recommend packing a blazer/Jacket, Silk T Shirts, light cashmere sweaters, trousers for day time.  A Silk Tea dress for lunches out and a Vavavoom cocktail dress for nights on the town!

Photo:  Freddie loves a night out in Monaco, his fave place in the world!

Photo: Wearing Temperley for a night out in Monte Carlo

Obviously it depends on your evening plans but I recommend packing an evening dress, you never know when you might need it.

PHOTO: Monaco by night

There are some beautifully dressed Women AND men in Monaco. This is the one place in the world you can dress up, wear those Diamonds and look fab!  However, elegant casuals for an informal dinner are also on your packing list


PHOTO: Monte Carlo Casino Square

PHOTO:  Laid back chic is my goal. Wearing Gucci Scarf, Massimo Dutti Coat, Nike trainers

If you are exploring then make sure you have comfy trainers/boots.  Monaco is very hilly and walking is the best way to explore.

What to Wear in Monaco Spring/ Summer packing list for Women:

  • Jeans, cream and dark to dress up and down.
  • A light weight Jacket – it can be chilly in the evening.
  • Dresses!  A Diva essential.  Splurge on the perfect Day dress. My beach dresses are by Heidi Klein and Prada.
  • The perfect Silk Shirt, this will take you anywhere.
  • Evening dress by my favourites Missoni, Dior, Max Mara
  • I always take my Designer bags to Monaco.  Chanel Crossover bag, Hermes Birkin and LV Neverfull or buy a new one in Chanel Monaco, One Monte Carlo, Place de Casino.
  • A couple of understated pieces of jewellery.  Bulgari ring, Diamond studs. OR go full on bling if you have an evening event to attend.
  • Great Shoes – Check out Mercedeh shoes in Avenue Spelugues
  • Heidi Klein Swimsuit, bikini and wrap.  You cannot have too many bikinis in my opinion.
  • Kaftan for wafting about on a Yacht or Beach club, I have my Silk Kaftans made in Morocco
  • Evening Cashmere Shawl for chilly nights.
  • Perfect accessories.  Sunglasses, beach bag but ‘less is more’ remember. 

A new look for Monte Carlo Casino Square.  I’m wearing my old favourite Balmain Blazer with Zara Chinos and Nike Trainers in the photo above.

PHOTO: Exciting changes in Architecture in Monaco

Make sure you check out the brand new shopping arcade, Monaco 1 which is two steps from the Casino.  All the big designer names have stores.

PHOTO: Heidi Klein Dress – Perfect for late Spring beach days or days at sea

What to Wear in Monaco packing list for men:

  • A blazer (not with brass buttons obviously) I love a blazer – perfect with Chinos for the evening, long shorts for the day.
  • A Perfect Turnbull & Asser Shirt (s) There is a dress code in Monaco, some events require a jacket and tie – check when you book.
  • Ralph Lauren Chinos – the perfect cut for daytime
  • Polo Shirts
  • Vilebrequin Swimming shorts (Speedos are popular in France but don’t ….. just don’t do it!)
  • Deck shoes for the day, Summer brogues for evening, Trainers to dress down
  • Cashmere Sweater now it is Spring and navy Cavalry twill trousers
  • A Razor!! Beards are not attractive in any way.
  • An exquisite watch.

Summer and a yummy Heidi Klein Sundress is top of my wishlist.  They wear so well, I have one in blue that is 3 years old and I still wear it today! Top Tip: wait for the summer sales.

PHOTO: Heidi Klein Sundress – click on the photo

An afternoon on the beach or treat yourself to Nikki Beach and wallow in the pool.  This is my choice of bikini this summer.  A perfect fit, larger cup sizes if needed.  Water ski, Kayak and this will stay beautifully in place all afternoon.  Click on the photo to find all the details.

PHOTO: Heidi Klein Bikini – click on the photo for details

What to wear for Monaco Yacht Show?  A slightly Yachty look – see my lists above.  I receive many requests for ‘What to Wear” at the Yacht Show.  I recommend a blazer and chinos for men and smart/casual day dress for women or blazer and trousers.

PHOTO: Monaco Yacht Show wearing BA&SH Dress

Actually, Monaco is surprisingly egalitarian in its sartorial taste.  At first glance it will be difficult to tell the difference between a Formula 1 Racing Car driver and a Taxi driver both wearing a baseball cap, hoodie and trackie bottoms and both quite handsome.  However, I will share with you a little game I like to play.

Go and plonk yourself down in the Cafe de Paris on Casino Square, sip a coffee and see how many of these different styles you can spot!  Slightly tongue in cheek but quite entertaining.  Firstly let’s take a look at the Gentlemen:

PHOTO: CAFE DE PARIS on the left side of new look Casino Square

A Gentleman about town in Monaco:

They fall into 3 broad categories:

  • A Gentleman about Town – He will be wearing a Panama hat possibly with a beautiful Saville Row blazer, Cavalry Twill trousers and a Pink shirt to match his very pink face.  This will be an Englishman, who cannot cope with a temperature over 20 degrees.  However, if the blazer is slightly  tighter and paired with a crisp white shirt with a high collar and a face the colour of a Mahogany table, then listen for an Italian accent!  They do not seem to realise tanning went out of fashion many years ago.  But then again, his heyday was probably circa 1972.
  • City Slicker – He will be a couple of decades younger, a hungry Tiger convinced he rules the world.  The dress code entails a YSL city suit in dark grey or possibly dark navy in a style that is much too tight in order to show off some gym honed pecs.  The trousers are also much too tight, to show off other attributes and this is finished off with Italian brogues that are too long and too shiny!  Oh, I nearly forgot the eponymous white shirt a size too small and with a large collar.
  • The Sports Star – Wearing his uniform of box fresh, gleaming trainers together with an insouciant, devil may care look (practiced in front of his mirror every morning) and teamed with a white T, slouchy trackie bottoms and of course a baseball cap.  This is a popular look around Monaco because there are indeed many Sports stars who live here! It is easier to guess whether this is the real McCoy if he has a girlfriend draped over his arm.  If the girlfriend is clinging onto him in a proprietorial fashion and has subtle boob implants, fake nails and a salon fresh blow dry with some Versace “sports’ wear and a Hermes Birkin, he is probably a Footballer.  He might be driving around and around Casino Square in his brand new Ferrari longing to be recognised.

I bet that you spot at least one each of these within 10 minutes!  And now for the ladies:

PHOTO: Hotel de Paris Monaco, Max Mara Dress

Ladies of Monaco:

  • The Grande Dame of Monaco – Or at least in her own head she is!  Wearing some understated Italian classics of pencil skirt or Capri pants, Cashmere sweater all in sludgy colours. and paired with a Cartier Tank.  She has been around in Monte Carlo for years and will be wearing a slightly snooty expression of disappointment about the falling standards of behaviour and dress!  Luckily, there is no one left to remember that she was a ‘secretary’ who married the wealthy boss.
  • The Russian Princess – Possibly my favourite of the Monaco ladies.  Tall, leggy and absolutely gorgeous she will be wearing the most expensive, blingiest outfit that money will buy.  If it is gold, diamante then so much the better.  Always paired with some impressive Cosmetically enhanced lips that resemble pillows.  These are a symbol of affluence apparently.  She looks fabulous, is enjoying every second of her time with a Russian oliagarch and why not!
  • Pretty young thing – Will be wearing a slightly sulky expression of disappointment that her allowance is only $10,000 a week.  How can a girl live on such a small amount Daddy?  Wearing a cute little summer dress from Dior, understated Dior bag and with one or two friends who pass their days shopping and meeting for lunch on the yacht.

PHOTO: Port Hercules Monaco

I know, I know, I am stereo typing but just for fun!  However I would bet you see everyone of these stereotypes while sipping your coffee.  Anyway, now to some sensible advice on what to wear in Monaco:

What to Wear in Daytime in Monaco:

PHOTO: A perfect Day Dress by Mulberry

Here are some of the things that I wear and might give you a little bit of inspiration for your packing list:

The perfect Day Dress for taking you anywhere.  Spring time means Days can start chilly then become warm if the sun is shining.  Choose a Cotton or Silk Day dress to keep you cool, elegant and ready for anything.  Team with a Cashmere Cardigan or a Spring coat.

 My wardrobe always has a few Chanel jackets, coats and dresses too which are timeless investment pieces.

I like to buy dresses that will last for a season or two, look absolutely classy and perfect.  Then I sell them on Vestiaire Collective and give the money to WaterAid Charity!

 For summer packing,  I cannot contemplate a beach day without a Heidi Klein Swimsuit and cover up..  Yes, slightly expensive but worth it! 

A perfect for right now Jacket with my Burberry jeans and a white T.  After many years, I have yet to be persuaded that there is a better pair of jeans than Burberry. Mix high street and designer, for a real Brit Cool vibe.  Never go for head to toe designer unless you want the Russian Princess look.  Never go head to toe high street for obvious reasons, never wear all black unless you want to look like a shop assistant.

  If you go by  ‘price per wear’ tDesigner togs are as cheap as chips!  I prefer to splurge on things I will wear again and again, rather than a dress I will wear once.

And of course wear with a silk shirt.  Yup, eye wateringly expensive, but worth every penny because you will wear it again and again.

What to Wear in the Evening in Monaco:

Then if  you are lucky enough to go to a concert, evening event of some kind, then the people of Monaco do dress up a bit.  I actually LOVE this about Monaco!  There are so many places in the world where the dress code is non existent.  Here, everyone makes an effort and dresses beautifully.  I  love Missoni dresses.  Such an understated elegance that will take me anywhere.  

Well, I hope I have given you some ideas for What to Wear in Monaco.  Here is a little recap check list:

What to Wear in Monaco packing list:

  • Jeans, cream and dark to dress up and down
  • A light weight Jacket
  • Dresses!  A Diva essential.  Splurge on the perfect Day dress.
  • Evening dress by Missoni
  • I always take my Designer bags to Monaco.  Chanel Crossover bag, Hermes Birkin and LV Neverfull
  • A couple of understated pieces of jewellery.  Bulgari ring, Diamond studs, an enormous Diamond ring – Monaco is one of the few places in the world where it is safe to wander around wearing Diamonds, if you so wish.
  • Jimmy Choo Court Shoes and Jimmy Choo Sandals
  • Heidi Klein Swimsuit, bikini and wrap
  • Evening Cashmere Shawl for chilly nights
  • Late September onwards take a lightweight raincoat and umbrella

Have an amazing time!  Let me know how you enjoy Monte Carlo.  Here is my what to do and restaurant list:

15 Things to do in Monaco – Where to go in Monte Carlo

A few suggestions for those of you exploring Monaco:

These trainers are perfect for exploring Monaco:

I always pack some black and white T shirts, wear under jackets, sweaters or on their own if the sun is shining. I always buy Sperdry or Zara T’s.


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