What to Wear in the Caribbean

PHOTO: What to Wear in the Caribbean

Packing list for your trip to the Caribbean:

  • Full length beach cover ups, short beach cover ups. Buy natural fibres such as Cotton or Silk.
  • Bikinis and swimsuits, make sure they match the Cover ups. Choose colours that will mix and match.
  • Sundresses. Cotton sundresses for every day. Maxi dresses for day or evening.
  • Cotton or Silk underwear, socks and night wear.
  • Snorkelling gear. I always pack my own for hygiene reasons. Rash guard and swim suit matching.
  • Shorts, Polo shirt, trainers for hikes and exploring. Copy the locals and get out very early in the morning before the hot sun.
  • Beach bag, flipflops, sunhat, sunglasses.
  • Factor 50 sun lotion, mosquito spray, Factor 50 face cream.
  • Pretty flat sandals
  • Essential snacks! I always travel with my Yorkshire Tea and Marmite

Just remember, it is hot and humid so pack accordingly.

PHOTO: Sunhat and Beach Cover up

My fair skin burns easily so I stay out of the sun, wear a hat, sunglasses and cover up! I always take a beachbag with an old hat, the hat in the photo is from Zara. Beach cover up is from Spain last year.

TOP TIP: If I am exploring far away from the Villa I will wear a bikini under a sundress and pack a beach cover up in my beach bag. Good to go all day!


What to wear in the Caribbean.I always invest in decent swimwear. It FITS so much better, looks expensive and lasts much longer. Every time I am seduced by a cheap bikini it turns out to be a waste of money and ends up in the recycling bin!

What to Wear in the Caribbean
PHOTO: What to Wear in the Caribbean

Photo: I’m wearing an ancient Pain du Sucre swimsuit which still fits perfectly and a genuine Panama hat from my last trip to El Cortes department store in Puerto Banus. It is worth buying good quality clothes and accessories. I have a wardrobe full of Camilla with Love silk Kaftans, Playsuits and dresses. However, I only every buy them in the sales! Cost per wear turns out to be good value because I wear them for a long time and they never date.

What to Wear in the Caribbean
PHOTO: Camilla with Love Kaftan

I own several Superdry swimsuits which are perfect for serious watersports. They do not move, are great quality and last for a very long time! Very reasonably priced too!

PHOTO: Superdry Swimsuit, click on photo for more info

This Swimsuit,below, is 2 years old and still looks as good as new today. And don’t forget cotton sundresses, just perfect in the heat. The Caribbean climate is hot and sweaty with high humidity.

PHOTO: Wearing my fave Superdry Swimsuit

What NOT to Wear in The Caribbean

What is the item that I recommend you give away RIGHT THIS MINUTE? I have seen it from St Martin to Saint Lucia to Barbados. Can you guess? Cotton, long length shorts especially in Khaki. A dark colour is slightly more forgiving. It does not matter if you are short/tall, fat/slim, young/slightly older they will be unflattering!

Now, this may be unfair because men look terrific in long length shorts. For women, they shorten the leg and widen the bottom. Women who are slightly over weight will look a size bigger and the camel toe effect is really not a sight to behold. Even on taller, slimmer women the shorts are unflattering. Knobbly kneed Scout leader is the look that springs to mind.

DO NOT pack tight shorts or anything but loose trousers. The Caribbean climate is hot, sweaty and sticky. You want to be cool and Chic. The most comfortable, flattering item of clothing for ALL women in this climate is a pretty Cotton Summer Dress to take you anywhere. There are endless styles to choose and endless colours. Please buy one ASAP.

PHOTO: CLICK ON PHOTO Superdry Sundress

Where to Shop?

PHOTO: Shopping in Barbados

I always want to support local business wherever I visit in the world. For example, in Barbados we can find locally made Rum and lots of other local goodies. However, beware of buying the clothes! They are nearly ALL imported and the price mark up is ridiculous. Buy everything you need for the beach and clothing at home before you travel. There are some fantastic Kaftans and dresses but they will be AT LEAST 500% more expensive than if you buy online. Everything is expensive in the Caribbean so try and take everything you need in your suitcase. It is much cheaper to add an extra case!

Have fun! Remember, leave those hideous, tight shorts in your dim and distant past!

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