What to Wear Travelling

What to Wear Travelling? I love Femmeluxe Finery Lounge Wear and Tshirts for flights and long road trips! Super comfy and look really good too! I always wear loose, relaxed Tshirts and trackie bottoms or lounge wear on a long distance flight. Always use DVT socks too on a long plane journey and really long road trips.

Femmeluxe Finery Airport Outfits

Find the perfect travel out fit by clicking on the heading link! Every possible combination of relaxed, but looking gorgeous at the same time, outfits! There are quite a collection of these in my wardrobe, but I wear them a LOT lounging around at home too. A loooong flight to Thailand in a few weeks and will be wearing this outfit below with a Cashmere hoodie:

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Loungewear Suit

Invest in good quality luggage, lasts for years and never breaks! I have my Mulberry suitcases and Samsonite in the above photo with a favourite LV bag. Love these prescription Chanel sunglasses too, classics never go out of style.

Femmeluxe Finery T Shirts

Femmeluxe Finery T Shirts are flattering, show off your curves and look good too! I love the slogan T’s but would like some plain ones too please! The Tshirts are a perfect length too. Click on the heading link to see more T Shirts. You will be astonished at the big selection of clothes on the website, plus the quality, cut and fit are excellent.

Slim Fit Cargo Trousers:

Love these so much, I have them in black AND Stone! Dress down with trainers and Vavaoom with heels! Perfect for that road trip we were talking about or to change into on the plane before you disembark. Look fabulous in Arrivals at the Airport. I am often met by a Limousine and taken to a luxury hotel and I want to look good when I rock up!

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Black Slimfit Cargo Trousers

These gorgeous Femmeluxe Cargo pants will be a feature in my wardrobe this summer! Look out for them in my South of France photos when it warms up a bit and they are coming to Thailand. Super cool look for exploring and days out. They cost an incredible £16.99, amazing value for money. I am wearing the Tshirt with the Cargo pants and a black wrap by Sandro in the photo above. Looking a little bit windblown because it is always windy at Silverstone Race Track.

They look good with heels too, don’t you think? Match the heel colour to the trousers to elongate the leg. 95% cotton to keep you cool on summer days with a little bit of Elastine to make them stretchy. I will wear these with a Cream silk shirt. Perfection. Click on the links for more info.

My Top Tips for Long Haul Travel:

  • Wear relaxed, loose clothing. Pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage and change before you land, including underwear.
  • Use Face, hand and body moisturiser every time you are awake on the flight.
  • Sleep….. the best way to beat Jet Lag!
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Spray your face with Evian atomiser, put Lavender oil on your pillow.
  • Don’t Drink any alcohol.
  • Change to a fresh outfit and look as fresh as a daisy when you arrive at the destination. Everyone else will look bedraggled and you will glow!
  • DVT socks for a long journey, essential.

*AD Femmeluxe Finery

Some of the photos were taken at Silverstone Racetrack at Silverstone Experience. The Silverstone Experience Museum will be officially opened by Prince Harry and Lewis Hamilton on 6 March 2020. Fun day out, Diva recommended for any F1 enthusiasts like me out there!

Wearing my Femmeluxe Slim fit Cargo trousers in the photo below.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Cargo Trousers teemed with a MotoGP Jacket
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