What to Wear Femmeluxe Finery

What to Wear Femmeluxe Finery. PLUS…. how I saved £10,000 a year without much effort. I have learnt a lot with Femmeluxe Finery. It is possible to have great clothes that add some up to date style to my wardrobe for a very small cost.

Femmeluxe Finery Collection Dresses

This month is all about getting fitter and planning some upcoming trips. Oh, and a visit to Monaco too. This Femmeluxe Finery Hoodie Mini Dress is coming with me! Now…… I must confess to being a Hoodie addict! Perfect to wear on a walk because it gets chilly and you put the hood up! Or, I am in a conservative country and want to cover my hair, pop up the hoodie!

PHOTO: Black belted Hoodie Dress

I am wearing the Dress with tights to potter around at home but will add leggings if wearing this travelling. Super luxe jersey fabric, you will not want to take it off! AND on sale right now. Teamed in the photo with Nike trainers and Wolsely wooly tights – plus my two little munchkins, Freddie and Zarya.

LOVE lounging around at home in this gorgeous Hoodie dress! Also love my knitted dress, photo below.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Dress

Loving my Black Ribbed V neck Jumper Dress Ostensibly quite conservative, but with a vavavoom neckline. I posted a photo of it on my Insta stories and received so many messages! This is definitely a hit with insta followers. I often test things out on insta stories and my followers always let me know their opinion!

Femmeluxe Finery Jackets:

My Femmeluxe Finery Utility Cargo Jacket in Beige was such a success that I asked for it in White too! Perfect for summer in Europe and travels to exotic places. I love the many pockets and choice of two belts. Super quality and another bargain that will be worn time and again.

PHOTO: Femmeluxe Finery Cargo Jacket

My Sheep like the jacket too! Worn with my Aigle riding boots in the photo above. You will see this in my photos this year. It costs £7.99!

Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans:

PHOTO: Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans

Last but not least are my Jeans. Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans. I probably could do with a smaller size, they are too big, but super comfy and look good too! Great for chill out days when you want to dress down. Worn here with Converse trainers and Louis Vuitton Sunglasses.

How I saved £10,000:

I will write a full blog on this subject, but here is a snippet. You will be amazed how savings add up!

  • £3,000 Cancel gym membership. I have a home gym now and much prefer it!
  • £5,000 Taking less Business Class flights and flying less to be more eco-friendly
  • £1,000 Cut down on eating out and buying Coffee to take away.
  • £1.000 Stop highlighting my hair and stop going to super expensive hairdressers.
  • £5,000 buying fewer Designer bags and shoes.
  • £1000 on Subscriptions. Check your Direct Debits and Apple debit. Do you know how many subscription you are paying every month!

I know, that is more than £10,000! You can buy an entire wardrobe full of clothes from Femmeluxe Finery for £100.

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