What Was the Last Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

The last cruise ship to sail before the pandemic was the luxurious MSC Grandiosa. The sleek and modern vessel left Genoa, Italy on February 7th, 2020 and made its way to Barcelona. Onboard was a full complement of passengers and staff ready to embark on a Mediterranean adventure.

The MSC Grandiosa is part of the MSC Cruises fleet, the world’s leading cruise line with over 60 ships sailing to more than 250 destinations around the globe. The Grandiosa is one of their most impressive vessels, with an impressive range of amenities including an onboard theater, casino, spa and multiple pools.

The passengers onboard were treated to an unforgettable experience with stops in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities such as Rome, Marseille and Valencia. There were also plenty of activities ashore for those looking for some adventure, from biking tours in Barcelona to wine tastings in Florence.

Unfortunately, the Grandiosa’s voyage came to an abrupt end just two weeks later when it returned to Genoa due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. All cruises have since been suspended until further notice as governments around the world have implemented stringent measures in response to Covid-19.


The MSC Grandiosa was indeed the last cruise ship before the pandemic forced a worldwide suspension of all cruises. While its journey was short-lived, it still provided an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to be on board. It is hoped that one day soon we will be able to once again enjoy cruising around the world.