What Was the Name of the Cruise Ship in the Love Boat?

By Alice Nichols

The Love Boat was a popular American romantic comedy drama series that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1986. It was set on a luxury cruise ship and featured the adventures of the passengers and crew on board. The show was immensely popular and earned numerous awards and nominations.

The name of the cruise ship in the Love Boat was Pacific Princess, and it became an iconic symbol of the series. The ship was actually a real-life vessel known as the Sea Venture, which had been built in 1962 and initially served as an ocean liner for Chandris Lines. The show’s creators decided to buy the Sea Venture and refit it for use as the Pacific Princess after it was no longer needed by its original owners.

The Pacific Princess underwent extensive renovations for its role in The Love Boat, including a new paint job, new furnishings, and a complete overhaul of its interior decor. The ship’s hull was painted white with red accents to give it an elegant look that matched with the show’s romantic theme. Additionally, exterior scenes were filmed with a full-sized replica of the Pacific Princess that had been constructed at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Pacific Princess served as an important part of The Love Boat throughout its nine-season run, taking passengers to various exotic ports around the world while providing them with romance and adventure along the way. In addition to being featured in numerous episodes, the ship also made cameo appearances in other shows such as Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.

The Love Boat ended its run in 1986, but its legacy has lived on through syndication and reruns ever since. Fans of this classic show will always remember it for its unforgettable characters, heartwarming stories, and most importantly – the Pacific Princess – the iconic cruise ship that allowed passengers to experience love at sea!

In conclusion, what was the name of the cruise ship in The Love Boat? It was called Pacific Princess – a real-life vessel that underwent extensive renovations to become an iconic symbol of this beloved television series.