What’s in a Backpacking Poop Kit?

By Alice Nichols

Backpacking is one of the most rewarding outdoor activities. It allows us to explore and experience the great outdoors, while pushing our physical and mental limits.

But even with all its rewards, there are still some less desirable aspects of backpacking, like dealing with waste. That’s why many backpackers opt for a Backpacking Poop Kit – an all in one solution for dealing with human waste in the outdoors.

A Backpacking Poop Kit typically includes a lightweight bag for carrying the waste, biodegradable bags for depositing it in, hand sanitizer to clean up after, toilet paper or wipes to use as needed, and some sort of air freshener to mask any odors. The exact contents of a kit can vary between brands and models, but they all aim at making the process of dealing with your business easier and more hygienic.

The lightweight bags included in most kits are designed to be easily carried and disposed of without leaving a trace. They’re typically made from durable materials like nylon or polyester that can withstand tough conditions. The biodegradable liners help contain any liquid waste, while also breaking down over time so that it can be safely disposed of in nature without causing any environmental damage.

In addition to the bags and liners, Backpacking Poop Kits typically come with some form of hand sanitizer so you can clean up after yourself without having to bring soap or other cleaning supplies along on your trip. While wipes or toilet paper may not be essential items when backpacking (you can simply use natural materials like leaves), they certainly make things more comfortable when nature calls.


A Backpacking Poop Kit is essential for any backpacker looking to keep their campsite clean and hygienic while out in the wilderness. With all its included components – lightweight bags, biodegradable liners, hand sanitizer, toilet paper/wipes – a Backpacking Poop Kit makes dealing with human waste in nature both convenient and responsible.