What’s Not Allowed on a Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships offer travelers a chance to see the world while experiencing a unique vacation. However, not all activities are allowed on a cruise ship.

Passengers should be aware of what they can and cannot do while onboard.

Alcohol and Drugs

Consumption of alcohol is only allowed for guests who are 21 years of age or older. Cruise lines reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, regardless of age.

Passengers should also be aware that bringing alcohol onboard or consuming it in public areas is strictly prohibited. Illegal drugs are also not allowed on board.


Smoking is generally only allowed in designated areas on the ship, such as the casino or nightclubs, and sometimes in certain parts of open decks. Some ships have even gone smoke-free, so it’s best to check with your cruise line before boarding.


Passengers are prohibited from bringing weapons onboard the ship for any reason. This includes items such as firearms, knives and pepper spray.

Any weapons found will be confiscated by security.


With few exceptions, pets are not allowed on most cruise lines. Service animals accompanying disabled passengers may be permitted onboard with proper documentation.


While clothing is generally left up to individual preferences, some cruise lines do enforce specific dress codes at certain times or in certain areas of the ship. In addition, swimwear must be covered when out of designated pool areas.

Cruise ships offer an unforgettable experience for passengers looking to explore the world while enjoying a relaxing vacation. However, there are some activities that are not allowed on board including drinking alcohol without proper identification, smoking outside designated areas and bringing weapons onboard.

“What’s Not Allowed on a Cruise Ship?” : Alcohol consumption without proper identification; smoking outside designated areas; bringing weapons onboard; pets (with few exceptions); and certain types of clothing which may violate dress codes depending on time and location aboard the ship.