What’s the Smallest Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes, from massive vessels with thousands of passengers to smaller boats that offer a more intimate experience. But what is the smallest cruise ship?

The smallest cruise ships are usually riverboats or small ferries. These vessels have limited capacity and often accommodate just a few dozen passengers. They are often used for short trips up and down a river, or for sightseeing cruises on lakes or other bodies of water.

Smaller ocean-going cruise ships are also available for those who want to explore further away from shore. These vessels are usually much larger than riverboats, but still relatively small compared to the giant cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers. They have several decks, comfortable cabins and plenty of amenities like restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

The smallest ocean-going cruise ship is the ‘Star Pride’ operated by Windstar Cruises. The Star Pride measures just 212 meters in length and can accommodate up to 312 passengers on its six decks. It features two restaurants, two bars and lounges, Jacuzzi tubs, a casino and other amenities typically found on larger cruise ships.

For an even more intimate experience, there are several yachts that offer luxury cruises around the world. These vessels are much smaller than traditional cruise ships, accommodating just a handful of passengers at a time. They come with all the same amenities as larger vessels but offer more personalized service and more exclusive destinations.

Conclusion: What’s the smallest cruise ship? The answer depends on your definition of “smallest.” For river cruises or sightseeing excursions, small ferries or riverboats may be your best bet with capacities of only a few dozen passengers at a time.

For ocean-going cruises, the Windstar Cruises Star Pride measures 212 meters in length and can accommodate up to 312 passengers on its six decks – making it one of the smallest ocean-going vessels available today. Finally, if you’re looking for an ultra-exclusive experience, luxury yachts offer personalized service with just a few guests onboard each voyage.