When Was Ricky and Ralf Very Northern Road Trip Filmed?

By Alice Nichols

If you’re a fan of Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little, you might have heard about their latest adventure – ‘Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip’. The show has been making waves since its release, with viewers loving the hilarious duo’s antics and the stunning locations they visited. But, one question that has been on everyone’s mind is – when was ‘Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip’ filmed?

The Filming Dates

The series was filmed in 2019, with the first episode airing on Gold in January 2020. The filming took place over several months, with Ricky and Ralf travelling to various locations across the North of England. They visited cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Sheffield, as well as some more rural areas such as the Yorkshire Dales.

The Locations

One of the highlights of the show is undoubtedly its stunning locations. From urban cityscapes to picturesque countryside views, Ricky and Ralf left no stone unturned in exploring the beauty of Northern England. Some of their notable destinations include:

  • Manchester United Football Club – The duo visited Old Trafford stadium to meet some die-hard fans and even had a kickabout themselves.
  • The Beatles Story Museum – Located in Liverpool, the museum provided an insight into the history of one of Britain’s most iconic bands.
  • Haworth Village – This quaint little village in West Yorkshire provided a glimpse into life during Victorian times.
  • Marsden Moor Estate – This beautiful moorland was used as a filming location for many TV shows and movies.

The Concept

‘Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip’ follows two best friends as they explore their beloved Northern England. Along with showcasing some breathtaking locations, the show also offers a glimpse into the culture, history, and people of the region.

Ricky and Ralf’s chemistry is undeniable, and their hilarious banter will leave you in splits. The show is perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted and entertaining watch.


In conclusion, ‘Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip’ was filmed in 2019 across various locations in Northern England. The show offers a unique perspective on the region, with stunning visuals and hilarious commentary from its hosts. If you haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend that you do!