Where Are the Best Places to Find Arrowheads?

By Alice Nichols

The search for arrowheads is one of the most thrilling activities for amateur archaeologists and ancient artifact hunters alike. Arrowheads were used throughout history by many cultures, from prehistoric times to the present day.

To be able to find a piece of history that may have been passed down through generations is an exciting experience that can’t be replicated. But where are the best places to find arrowheads?

The most common place to search for arrowheads is in fields and meadows. As these areas typically don’t get plowed or disturbed, they are often a hotbed of activity for ancient artifacts such as arrowheads. Areas that have been disturbed by plowing can still yield results, but tend to be less productive than undisturbed areas.

Rivers and creeks are also great places to look for arrowheads, as they often contain pieces of material that have been eroded away from the land above them over time. Rivers and streams tend to move around materials, so it’s important to scout out areas where there has been recent flooding or heavy rains in order to maximize your chances of finding something.

Another option is looking on dry lake beds or other exposed surfaces, such as rocks and hillsides. These areas can often contain artifacts from civilizations long gone, as well as more recent items from more modern times. The key here is knowing where to look; if you can identify an area that appears untouched by human hands, you could potentially strike gold!

Finally, digging in old middens or garbage dumps can sometimes yield great results with regards to finding arrowheads and other ancient artifacts. Middens are sites where early humans would deposit their waste, so it stands to reason that there could be some interesting items hidden among the detritus. Of course, this should only be done with the permission of land owners (and local laws) – never trespass onto private property without their express permission!

Conclusion: All in all, there are a variety of places one can search for arrowheads – from fields and meadows to rivers and creeks; dry lake beds; rocks and hillsides; and even old middens or garbage dumps – each offering its own unique challenges and rewards when searching for these fascinating pieces of history!