Where Are the Best Places to Find Geodes?

By Robert Palmer

Geodes are a unique and interesting type of rock formation, often containing beautiful crystals and other minerals inside. They can be found all around the world in many different locations, but some places are better than others for finding these special rocks.

In the United States, geodes can be found in several states including Arizona, California, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, Utah, and Wisconsin. In Arizona specifically, geodes can be found in many areas of the state including Apache Junction, Yuma County and Winslow.

Other states like California contain large deposits of geodes near Lake Tahoe and Death Valley National Park.

For those looking for international sites to explore for geodes, some great options include Morocco and Brazil. Morocco is home to the Atlas Mountains which have several different mines that produce some of the world’s best quality quartz crystals.

In Brazil, geode enthusiasts can visit Minas Gerais where they can find large concentrations of amethyst geodes as well as several other types of minerals.

In addition to country-specific sites for finding geodes, there are also many online retailers that offer a wide variety of geode specimens from around the world. These retailers often stock their stores with rare specimens from all over the globe so they are an ideal place to look if you’re looking for something truly unique.


Overall, there are plenty of great places to find geodes depending on what type you’re looking for. For those in the United States there are several states with great deposits such as Arizona and California while international locations like Morocco and Brazil offer a wider variety of specimens from around the world.

For those who don’t have time to travel or prefer shopping from home there is also a wide selection of online retailers who specialize in selling high-quality specimens from all over the globe.