Where Are the Best Places to Go Trick or Treating?

By Robert Palmer

Halloween is a favorite holiday of many children and adults alike. Every year, people dress up in costumes and go out trick or treating in search of candy!

But where are the best places to go to get the most candy? Here are some great tips on where the most fun and rewarding trick or treating experiences can be found.

Suburban Neighborhoods

Suburban neighborhoods are often the best places to go trick or treating because they tend to be well-lit, safe areas with plenty of houses offering treats. The houses are usually spaced close enough together that you can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. Plus, you can usually find plenty of decorations and spooky Halloween atmosphere!

Urban Areas

Urban areas can also be great for trick or treating. There’s often an abundance of apartments, stores, and restaurants that offer treats on Halloween night. Many cities also have events such as haunted houses and costume contests that add to the festive atmosphere.

Small Towns

Small towns are great places to go trick or treating as well. The houses tend to be closer together than in suburban neighborhoods, making it easier to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Plus, small towns generally have a friendlier atmosphere with more people willing to hand out treats.


If you’re looking for an even bigger Halloween experience, consider attending one of the many Halloween festivals held throughout the country each year. These events typically feature costume contests, pumpkin carving contests, live music, food vendors, and more! Many festivals also have designated trick or treat areas for kids which makes it easier for them to find plenty of candy and treats without having to go door-to-door.

No matter where you choose to go trick or treating this year, remember to stay safe by traveling with an adult and wearing reflective clothing so drivers can see you easily in the dark! With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a fun and rewarding experience this Halloween season!

Conclusion: Suburban neighborhoods, urban areas, small towns, and festivals are all great places for kids (and adults!) To enjoy trick or treating on Halloween night. No matter where you choose to go this year – just remember safety first!