Where Are the Best Places to Homestead?

By Michael Ferguson

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, homesteading may be the perfect fit for you. It is a lifestyle that allows you to live off the land and become self-sufficient.

There are many advantages to homesteading, such as growing your own food, raising animals, and being able to live a more sustainable lifestyle. While homesteading can be done anywhere, there are certain areas of the world that offer ideal conditions for this type of lifestyle.

United States – The United States has some of the best places to homestead. While each state has its own laws regarding homesteading, there are some states that are particularly welcoming to these types of lifestyles.

These include Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. In these states you will find plenty of open land for farming or ranching and a plethora of natural resources for self-sufficiency.

Canada – Canada also has some great places to homestead with plenty of open space and natural resources available. Areas like British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan offer some great opportunities for those looking to start their own farm or ranch. With plenty of space available in these provinces you will find it easy to establish your own self-sufficient home while taking advantage of all that Canada has to offer.

New Zealand – New Zealand is another great location for those looking to start a homesteading lifestyle. With plenty of open land available in both rural and urban areas there are many opportunities for those looking to become more self-sufficient while enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer.

Australia – Australia is another great location for those looking for an ideal place to set up their own homestead. With its vast open spaces and abundance of natural resources, Australia offers many opportunities for those seeking a sustainable lifestyle in the outback or along the coastlines.


Homesteading can be done anywhere but there are certain parts of the world that provide better conditions than others when it comes to sustainability and self-sufficiency . The United States , Canada , New Zealand , and Australia are all excellent places where one can start their own homestead with access to plenty of open land , natural resources , and an abundance of opportunity .