Where Are the Best Places to Study on Campus?

By Alice Nichols

Studying on campus is a great way to maximize your college experience. It allows you to work on assignments in a convenient and stimulating environment, surrounded by other students and faculty.

But, not all places on campus are suitable for studying. Knowing where the best places to study on campus are can help you make the most of your time when you’re at school.

The Library

The library is typically one of the best places to study on campus because it’s filled with resources that can help you with your work. Most libraries have quiet areas, comfortable chairs, and plenty of tables for studying.

There are also books that can help with research projects or provide extra context for course material. Additionally, many libraries have computer labs where students can access technology necessary for their studies.


The cafeteria is a popular spot for studying because it has plenty of seating and is usually open late into the evening. While it may not be as quiet as some other spots on campus, it’s still a great place to get work done while taking advantage of free wi-fi, coffee shops in the area, and snacks available in the nearby convenience store. Additionally, some cafeterias offer designated quiet areas or study rooms that can be used by students.


Classrooms are another popular place to study since they often provide desks and chairs that are comfortable for long periods of time. Plus, classrooms are typically outfitted with whiteboards or chalkboards that can be used for note-taking or outlining projects and assignments. Some classrooms may even be open during certain hours outside of class time so students have access to them when needed.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces such as parks and gardens are often overlooked when searching for the best places to study on campus but they can actually be quite productive spaces if used correctly. The natural environment provided by these spaces makes them perfect for taking breaks from studying while still being able to get work done when necessary. Plus, many outdoor spaces have benches or tables available which make it easy to set up a workspace wherever needed.


When searching for the best places to study on campus there are several options available depending on individual preferences such as libraries, cafeterias, classrooms, and outdoor spaces like parks or gardens. Each of these locations has its own advantages but ultimately it’s up to each student to decide which one works best for them and their needs while studying at school.