Where Do the Workers Stay on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are a popular way to explore the world, and, as a result, they employ thousands of workers. But, while passengers are treated to luxurious cabins and stunning views, crew members have a very different experience. So where do the workers stay on a cruise ship?

Accommodations for cruise ship workers vary depending on their position and seniority. Senior officers such as captains, chief engineers and chief officers have private cabins with en-suite bathrooms located on the highest decks of the ship. Other officers such as navigators and medical staff have slightly less luxurious cabins but still share the same decks.

Lower-ranking crew members such as waiters or housekeepers typically sleep in shared cabins with two or three other people. These cabins usually have bunk beds and shared bathrooms but may also feature TVs and air conditioning. The actual size of the cabin depends on the ship’s size, with larger ships having larger rooms.

Cruise ships also have designated areas for crew members to socialize when they’re off duty. These areas typically feature vending machines, televisions, and lounge chairs so that everyone can relax away from passengers. Some ships even provide private gyms and swimming pools just for the crew.


Cruise ships provide accommodations for their workers that range from private cabins for senior officers to shared cabins for lower-ranking crew members. Additionally, there are designated areas where everyone can socialize when they’re off duty. All of this ensures that cruise ship employees have a comfortable place to stay while they work hard to make sure passengers enjoy their vacation.