Where Does the Cruise Ship Dock in British Columbia?

By Robert Palmer

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, filled with stunning scenery and plenty of places to explore. For many, a cruise ship is the ideal way to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful region. With a variety of ports located along the coast, there are plenty of options for where your cruise ship can dock in British Columbia.

The most popular port in British Columbia is Vancouver. This bustling city is home to a variety of attractions, from exploring Stanley Park to taking in the vibrant nightlife. Cruise ships often dock at Canada Place, which is located close to downtown Vancouver and just a few steps away from some of the city’s best attractions.

For those looking for a more remote experience, Victoria may be an ideal destination. This charming city is located on Vancouver Island, just off the coast from Vancouver. Cruise ships often dock at Ogden Point, which offers breathtaking views of Victoria’s Inner Harbour and surrounding areas.

Other ports that are available include Nanaimo on Vancouver Island; Prince Rupert on the northern coast; and Haida Gwaii off the northwest coast. Each offers unique experiences and attractions that make it worth visiting.


Whether you’re looking for an urban experience or something more remote and secluded, British Columbia has plenty of ports where your cruise ship can dock. From bustling cities such as Vancouver and Victoria to smaller destinations like Nanaimo and Prince Rupert, there’s something for everyone when it comes to docking your ship in British Columbia.