Where Does the Cruise Ship Dock in Sitka?

By Alice Nichols

Sitka, Alaska is a stunning and historically significant city located on the outer coast of Baranof Island in the Alexander Archipelago. A popular tourist destination, Sitka boasts beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions that make it an ideal cruise ship stop.

Cruise ships often dock in Sitka’s port to provide passengers with easy access to the city’s many attractions.

The main docking location for most cruise ships arriving in Sitka is at Crescent Harbor in downtown Sitka. This harbor is equipped with amenities such as a floating dock, fuel dock, launch ramp, and mooring buoys.

It also offers public restrooms and showers for visitors’ convenience. From here, passengers can easily explore the downtown area or take a shuttle or water taxi to nearby attractions.

Sitka also has two other docking locations for smaller vessels: Halibut Point State Marine Park and Indian River Harbor. Halibut Point State Marine Park is located near the town of Port Alexander and offers visitors easy access to hiking trails and beaches along with some of Alaska’s most breathtaking views. Indian River Harbor is situated on Chichagof Island near the town of Pelican and features a variety of services including fuel docks, mooring buoys, launch ramps, restrooms, showers and more.

Finally, there are several other ports located near Sitka that may be used as docking points by certain cruise ships depending on their size or itinerary. These include ports in nearby towns such as Kake, Wrangell, Juneau, Yakutat Bay and Hoonah.

Conclusion: The primary docking location for cruise ships visiting Sitka is Crescent Harbor which is located in downtown Sitka. However there are also several other docking locations available including Halibut Point State Marine Park and Indian River Harbor which are both located nearby. Additionally there are several ports located further away from Sitka that may be used depending on a ship’s size or itinerary.