Where Is Backpacking United Based?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking United is an organization dedicated to bringing people from around the world together for shared experiences and adventures. Founded in 2018, Backpacking United brings together backpackers, hikers, campers and travelers of all ages and backgrounds for unforgettable journeys.

Based in the United States, Backpacking United is a global organization with members from Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The mission of Backpacking United is to create meaningful connections between travelers from different countries and cultures through shared outdoor experiences.

Backpacking United organizes trips that range from short weekend getaways to extended international expeditions lasting several weeks or even months. During these trips, members are able to explore new places while having fun and making friends with like-minded adventurers.

The organization also offers a variety of services to make it easier for travelers to connect with one another. Through its online platform, members can find other backpackers in their local area or search for travel partners who are planning trips around the same time as them. Additionally, Backpacking United provides resources such as packing lists and tips on how to stay safe while traveling abroad.

Backpacking United also hosts events throughout the year where members can meet up with one another in person and share stories about their travels. These events include camping trips, volunteering opportunities and excursions to nearby attractions.

In addition to organizing trips and events for its members, Backpacking United works with local tourism boards to promote responsible travel around the world. The organization also partners with companies that provide gear and services needed by backpackers and other adventurous types.

Where Is Backpacking United Based?
Backpacking United is based in the USA but has members from all over the world who come together for shared outdoor experiences. The organization also works closely with local tourism boards as well as companies providing gear and services needed by backpackers in order to promote responsible travel around the globe.