Where Is P&O Cruise Ship Azura Now?

By Alice Nichols

P&O Cruise Ship Azura has been a hallmark of the cruise industry for years, providing a luxurious and relaxing cruises for thousands of passengers around the world. The Azura was one of the first ships to feature the revolutionary “megaship” concept, with luxurious accommodations, dining, entertainment, and activities that can be found on board.

The Azura is now part of the P&O Cruises fleet, which includes a wide selection of different vessels that provide various experiences and levels of luxury. The Azura is one of their largest ships, measuring over 1,100 feet in length and featuring 16 decks.

It has capacity for over 3,000 passengers and 1,500 crew members. It also has an impressive amount of amenities on board including several restaurants offering international cuisine, bars and lounges with live music performances, a casino, a spa and fitness center, a theater and much more.

The Azura also offers several special activities such as cooking classes with celebrity chefs, art classes led by renowned experts in the field, wine tasting events with exclusive wines from all around the world as well as educational lectures from distinguished speakers that cover topics such as history or culture. There are also activities for all ages onboard including water slides for kids and adults alike.

The current location of P&O Cruise Ship Azura is in the Mediterranean Sea where it is currently taking passengers on cruises around Greece, Turkey and Croatia. The itinerary includes stops at popular destinations such as Santorini in Greece or Dubrovnik in Croatia where passengers can explore each culture’s unique attractions. The ship also visits some less well-known destinations like Crete or Corfu giving passengers an opportunity to experience different cultures with fewer crowds than other destinations may have.

The perfect combination of fun activities onboard and fascinating destinations ashore makes P&O Cruise Ship Azura an ideal choice for couples looking to enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience together or families searching for exciting adventure away from home. Whether you are looking to relax on deck under the Mediterranean sun or explore ancient ruins ashore; P&O Cruise Ship Azura offers something for everyone!

Conclusion: P&O Cruise Ship Azura is currently located in the Mediterranean Sea offering unforgettable cruises to fascinating destinations such as Santorini in Greece or Dubrovnik in Croatia. With its impressive amenities onboard combined with exciting excursions ashore; this ship is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable holiday experience!