Where Is Regatta Cruise Ship Now?

By Alice Nichols

Where Is Regatta Cruise Ship Now?

The Regatta cruise ship is one of the most beloved vessels in the Oceania Cruises fleet. It has been sailing since 2001 and is known for its luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and spectacular views. Over the years, the Regatta has traveled around the world, visiting some of the most beautiful ports on every continent.

Recently, the Regatta’s itinerary has been focused on Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. This summer, it is making a round-trip voyage from Athens to Barcelona.

Along the way, passengers can enjoy shore excursions to some of Greece’s most iconic archaeological sites as well as vibrant cities such as Istanbul and Rome. The Regatta will also be visiting several smaller ports such as Dubrovnik in Croatia and Valletta in Malta.

In addition to its European destinations, the Regatta also sails to exotic locales such as Tahiti and Indonesia. Earlier this year, it made a two-week journey through Southeast Asia that included stops in Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila. Passengers can enjoy cultural experiences like bamboo rafting down a jungle river or shopping at an open-air market in Hanoi.

When not at sea, passengers can relax on board with activities such as yoga classes or spa treatments at Canyon Ranch SpaClub®. There are also nightly entertainment options like musical revues and cabaret shows in Horizons Lounge or live music at Martinis Bar & Cocktail Lounge. Plus there are plenty of delicious dining options available both on board and ashore.

The Regatta is currently sailing between Barcelona and Athens for its summer Mediterranean itinerary. From there it will head across the Atlantic for a tour of Central America before returning to Europe for another round of Mediterranean voyages next year. No matter where it goes though, this beloved vessel always provides an unforgettable experience for all its passengers aboard!

Conclusion: The Regatta cruise ship is currently sailing around Europe and offering passengers a luxurious experience with plenty of activities both onboard and ashore! After completing its Mediterranean journey this summer, it will be crossing over to Central America before returning to Europe again next year for more incredible voyages!